ENOVIA supports model-based engineering, allowing multi-disciplinary teams to work on one common definition of a product. As an integral part of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, it’s a comprehensive solution capable of supporting Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) across a broad range of industries – from Life Sciences and High Tech to Automotive and Consumer Packaged Goods.

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What is Project Management?

Project Management is a methodical approach to the planning, organization, controlling of resources, and execution of a project from start to finish.

In PLM, Project Management is primarily about realizing a product vision. Successful project management can be defined by the achievement of clear business goals. These will include Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as ensuring Return-On-Investment (ROI), or meeting/exceeding End-User requirements.

What Can I Achieve with ENOVIA?

Lend support to your teams improving product quality, reducing rework time, meeting quality and compliance standards and, ultimately, bringing better products to market ahead of the competition.

Give team members the best tools for the task with role-based functionality and customizable dashboards. Update and review files and data anytime, anywhere with cloud-based solutions for ENOVIA on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

ENOVIA supports three main disciplines: Business Modelling & Planning, Quality and Compliance Management, and Product Configurations. Ultimately, its purpose is to help guide your product throughout its lifecycle.

How Does ENOVIA Support Project Management?

Successful project management happens when your organization truly works together. But it’s hard to imagine how a global organization might achieve this kind of dynamic collaboration between tens, hundreds or thousands of users. And that’s before we even begin to consider supply chain involvement! Thankfully, ENOVIA provides exceptional, collaborative planning, development and release tools to help your organization plan your definition of success.

Connect BOMs (Bill of Materials) and other deliverables for better communication between Designers and Project Engineers. Share and discuss issues directly over your 3D designs. ENOVIA also brings powerful Sourcing and Product Management tools to the table which help you to synchronize efforts in-house and across your supply chain.

Discover more about ENOVIA Project Management.

How Does ENOVIA Support Product Configuration Management?

Configuration Management enables users to work together, developing product iterations harmoniously, in real-time. The ENOVIA Product Configurations discipline – covering multiple roles – provides tools for form, fit and functional analysis in a connected, collaborative context.

Give designers and engineers the power to shape business outcomes with validation functionality that provides actionable insights. And help to ensure that your products meet requirements and exceed expectations.

Discover more about ENOVIA Configuration Management.

How Does ENOVIA Support Quality & Compliance?

Quality and compliance practices today are reactive to issues. Quality management is often a separate function that establishes processes for planning and assurance, control and improvement.

While a closed loop process improves quality, it only supports small gains while relying on the end customer to report issues. Effective quality management must be considered as an organizational fundament. Predict, manage and meet the challenges of product development with support from ENOVIA on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Gain organizational control over common quality processes, support global and local regulatory requirements and effectively manage audits with ENOVIA Quality Management System (QMS).

Discover more about ENOVIA Quality & Compliance Management.

In Our Experience…

ENOVIA’s role-based applications cater to, and connect, a vast number of organizational requirements. Easily deploy simple product, data and process quality assurance across your organization. From Project Management to Change Process, Global Product Development to IP Classification and Protection, Supplier and Customer Relationships Management and more.

Register below for a guided, on-demand overview of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, including information on Project, Requirements and Document Management. You can also check out the latest updates and role-based functionalities in our recent blog post, “What’s New in ENOVIA R2021x?

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