Manufacturers that embrace collaborative new product development processes are able to realize a shorter time-to-market, lower costs, and myriad opportunities to improve products and processes – leading to reduced cost and significantly greater innovation.

We understand your business challenges

Data Economy

Invest in systems and skill sets that allow you to capitalise on big data and use advanced analytics to improve business profitability.

Products as a Service

Keep operations running smoothly, expand after-sales revenue potential by including servicing needs at the beginning of the product development process.

Intelligent Connected Systems

Connect systems, people and data to streamline multiple disciplines, drive innovation and generate more business.

Enterprise Agility

Ensure your business has the agility to meet the highly competitive pressure of customer demand.

TECHNIA have the solutions

Digital Equipment Continuity

This solution allows companies to transform from file based to a data driven product structure, moving to a service-based offering that better supports customer engagement. Discover the benefits of Digital Equipment Continuity:

  • Enriched Collaboration
  • Reduce Time to Market
  • Cost-Effective Production
  • Higher Product Quality

Single Source for Speed

Sustainably streamline and accelerate your product development, order fulfillment and service activities at any of your locations worldwide. Discover the values of the Single Source for Speed solution:

  • All Engineering Data at Your Fingertips
  • Monitor On-Time and On-Budget Performance
  • Reduce Development Cost and Improve Product Quality
  • Optimise Production & Assembly Setup

Smart and Synchronised

Synchronise all participating engineering disciplines on a single collaborative platform, and ensure full traceability from needs identification to product validation. Discover the values of Smart and Synchronized:

  • Ensure end-to-end traceability
  • Master system complexity
  • Coordinate multidiscipline design teams
  • Reduce number of physical prototypes
  • Improve communication between stakeholders
  • Simulate machine behaviour early

Simple Solution Selection

Enables you to establish product management procedures throughout the product lifecycle, accelerating order fulfillment and meeting customer requirements. Discover the values of Simple Solution Selection:

  • Design new equipment using modular architecture
  • Optimise and get cost efficient production
  • Increased product portfolio with part number reduction
  • Lower component cost
  • Increased volumes
  • Improved time to market
  • Agile and quick quotation time

Why Choose TECHNIA?

Companies in these sectors all have a common objective; to perform well under tight deadlines and increasing competitive pressures. They must continue to reduce costs, compete with overcapacity, and provide more sophisticated solutions in response to the demands of their customers.

TECHNIA are not only experienced in developing and supporting the PLM systems within leading Industrial Equipment companies, but are able to offer their special brand of PLM and engineering services supported by close links with leading practitioners in a variety of high-tech industries.

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