Expectation has moved on from the ‘Haines manual’ and the plastic model build instructions. Consumers now expect a lifelike, intuitive 3DEXPERIENCE that’s interactive or animated.

Why 3D Product Documentation?

Rapidly create and update high quality deliverables

Software once destined for the end user or service engineer can be used as build instructions during development and manufacturing, as well as a tool for  Sales & Marketing.

Enhance the customer experience

By providing product information in a 3D high quality rendered format you can create a more successful virtual appreciation of your product that leads to a more instant understanding of the features and benefits of your products.

Reduce costs by speeding up processes

In an industrial context, 3D product documentation short circuits understanding and thereby speeds up test, production and service processes.

Looking for 3D Product Documentation Capability?

Dassault Systèmes CATIA Composer is the ideal product to create detailed and informative product development, manufacturing, training, sales and marketing and service information in a visually stunning and interactive 3D environment. As an integrated solution it takes up to date CAD information to professionally publish content in a wide range of versatile formats to support your entire business process.

As a leading Dassault Systèmes’ Platinum partner, TECHNIA uniquely provide and support CATIA Composer software solutions alongside a thriving engineering consultancy. Training & support is provided by our experienced engineers who use the very same products as part of their daily toolset.

Our Solutions

CATIA Composer

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CATIA V5 Composer Training

CATIA Composer (formerly 3DVIA Composer) is an easy to use and learn software program which allows you re-use your valuable…

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