With rising clinical costs and regulatory pressures, medical device companies are trying to find new ways to ensure device quality and patient safety and increase the range and value of devices while keeping development costs and time down. Engineered To Cure provides an open collaborative environment for all engineering participants at all stages of development to boost productivity and innovation, accelerate regulatory approval, and improve patient experience and outcome.

Benefits of Engineered to Cure

Reduce cost and time of new product development

  • Implement fully integrated and standardised simulation-driven design processes and methods and democratize them to a broader user community
  • Plan and execute optimal device performance verification and validation strategy
  • Automatically develop and maintain complete traceability and defensibility from requirements through certification
  • Minimise the need for benchtop, animal, and human testing

Improve patient experience and treatment outcome

  • Assess device safety and efficacy in a realistic virtual human environment
  • Develop validated personalised and population human models
  • Enable early stage virtual evaluation of patient, caregiver, and practitioner experience
  • Deploy a systematic approach to design robust, safe, and personalised medical devices

Adopt the Power of Engineered to Cure

The increasing global incidence of chronic diseases demands that novel solutions be developed rapidly and within tight budgets, yet be safe and efficacious enough to withstand stringent regulatory scrutiny. Moreover, the expectation of measurable long term improvement in patient outcomes is driving the need for greater personalisation of therapies. Last but not least, intense competition from traditional and non-traditional players is pushing medical device firms to develop agile product portfolios and processes that can respond to unmet patient needs in a market landscape characterised by constant and rapid scientific, technological, social, and economic change.

The Engineered To Cure industry solution answers these challenges by offering a data-driven & model-based engineering platform that facilitates collaborative design and development of medical devices using best in class apps and processes for 3D design, systems engineering, multiphysics simulations, and virtual human modeling. Using this solution, designers and engineers can rapidly explore the device design space, virtually test promising designs in real world usage scenarios, and validate optimal designs against product requirements and business objectives, while reducing their reliance on expensive and time-consuming physical, animal, and human testing.

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