SIMPACK is a general Multi-Body Simulation Software which is used to aid engineers in the analysis and design of mechanical and mechatronic systems. From initial concept designs, through to production and redesigns, SIMPACK is used to help engineers fully comprehend and optimise systems, vastly reduce the need for physical prototyping, reduce time-to-market and to improve product quality and lifespan.

Main Features

Improve Product Quality

Allow innovative concepts to be tested. Explore numerous design variations prior to physical prototyping. Optimise full system performance by performing "what-if?" studies. Design for durability. Test under extreme conditions, to failure if necessary, to establish boundaries.

Reduce Cost & Time

Reduce the number of physical prototypes required, Analyse design changes quickly without prototyping, Avoid costly late revisions, Avoid the need to modify test physical instrumentation, fixtures and procedures, Reduced physical testing.

Reduce Risk

Uninterupted prototyping in a virtual environment unaffected by physical conditions, Feed back improved design information quickly and effectively during the development phase, Understand system performance in both normal and extreme operating conditions, Enable prototyping to failure to assess modes without physical risk.

SIMPACK: For All Industries

SIMPACK is primarily used within the automotive, railway, engine, wind turbine, power transmission and aerospace industries. Within all industries SIMPACK is used for single component design and complete system analyses. Besides taking internal dynamics and control into account, SIMPACK can also consider any external influences on the system, e.g. ground disturbances and aerodynamic loading.

Main Technologies:

  • Complete system analysis
  • Motion prediction
  • Component design
  • Static and quasi-static investigations
  • Kinematics and dynamic analysis
  • Stress and durability
  • Variations and optimisation

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