At TECHNIA, our goal is to help you make product creation what it should be – easy!
We’re proud to develop and deliver a portfolio of sustainable products that help you adapt and configure Dassault Systèmes’ software, such as 3DEXPERIENCE, ENOVIA & CATIA, to suit your individual business needs. Our supporting services range from small Dassault Systèmes and TECHNIA Software support projects to complete, turnkey PLM implementations.



Compliance, Product Data Quality & Model Modifications

The TECHNIA Software products for 3D help to establish company standards, ensure compliance with industry regulations and verify Product Data Quality (PDQ) fully integrated into PLM. Model comparison solutions validate conversions and document all modifications in parts, products and drawings.

Vehicle Design Compliance

  • Ensure compliance of vehicle design to legal standards from concept to homologation.
  • Build, validate and amend digital vehicle models in one platform.
  • Eliminate the need for costly physical prototypes.
  • Easily access international standards & regulations.
  • Market-leading solution used by OEMs and suppliers world-wide.

Management System for Product Data Quality

  • Identify critical defects & repair before data quality issues lead to downstream problems.
  • Identify common design process mistakes and inefficient practices.
  • Make data quality visible in PDM.
  • Release only appropriate data.
  • Supplier monitoring.

Model Modifications

  • Model comparison for CATIA V5 and JT.
  • Support “3D Master” / “Model Based Definition” initiatives.
  • Compare: FT&A, Tolerances, Parameter, Attributes, Geometry and Drawings.
  • Release Validation and Documentation.
  • Ensure successful data translation (V5/JT, V5/SMG).

3DEXPERIENCE Productivity, Usability and Adoption

TECHNIA Software enhances user productivity, system performance and improves user adoption rates of an ENOVIA & 3DEXPERIENCE system. Our solutions provide pre-built enhancements to standard out of the box functionality, leading to faster and higher return on PLM investments, a reduction in cost of ownership, and enormous savings when upgrading to new platform releases.

In-App User Training for 3DEXPERIENCE (DAS)

  • Bring users up to speed with processes.
  • Support users with ongoing use.
  • Keep training material up to date and make it immediately available to users.
  • Spend less time finding the right click, searching documents or waiting for support.
  • Improve user adoption with our Digital Adoption Solution (DAS) for 3DEXPERIENCE.
  • Reduce support and training costs – smaller teams, reduced documentation, maintenance and teaching support.

Enhance 3DEXPERIENCE Productivity, Performance and Usability

  • A rich set of configurable UI components for 3DSPACE, 3DDASHBOARD and standalone applications that require no custom code.
  • Configure user views directly in the App.
  • User Interfaces optimized to support your unique and most commonly used processes.
  • Equip users with an intuitive, speedy, and click-efficient experience.
  • Rapid deployment using version-independent configurations.
  • Meet business demand out-of-the-box, enabling painless upgrades and minimizing lifetime cost.

3DEXPERIENCE Integrations and Performance Management

Your 3DEXPERIENCE Enterprise Integration Solution

  • Connect your 3DEXPERIENCE Platform to any other enterpise system.
  • Supports multiple integration techniques like WebServices (SOAP and REST) and Messaging (JMS, AMQP, NativeMQ).
  • Connectors available – JIRA, SAP.
  • Reduce cost and complexity for your enterprise integrations to PLM systems.
  • Provide supported software that plugs into your enterprise architecture.

Detect and Troubleshoot 3DEXPERIENCE Performance

  • Platform Intelligence: Proactively detect health problems in your 3DEXPERIENCE system to guarantee availability and smooth operations.
  • Profiler: Troubleshoot 3DEXPERIENCE performance and review implementations.
  • Schema Tool: Save time and ensure quality of any database changes you make with the Schema Tool.

Standardized Global Workplaces

  • One user interface for all CAD applications, releases and environments.
  • Easy to use for CAD administrators and engineers.
  • Standardization with a central administration for multi-site environments.
  • OEM Supplier Environments.

Lightweight (Data) Applications and Structured Collaboration

Easy Access to Complete Validated 3D Data

  • Complete portfolio concerning lightweight formats that is easy to deploy and use.
  • Free viewer with scalable functionality and add-ons.
  • JT skills & experience in visualization and process applications.
  • TECHNIA API available to build specific applications.
  • Lite3D establishes 3D as a common collaboration language.

Enable Distributed Collaborative Engineering Fully Integrated

  • Increase accuracy and productivity in partner collaboration.
  • Standardize the way your organization interacts with partners.
  • Always know the latest status of all changes, deviations, and issues.
  • Remove the need to train your partners.

Bidirectional VDAFS interface for CATIA V5

The VDA surface interface (VDAFS) is a neutral CAD interface which permits the interchange of 3D geometries between different CAD systems.

Systems Simulation, Sensor Models and Construction Modelling

VeSyMA Suite - Vehicle Systems Modeling and Analysis

The VeSyMA suite of Modelica libraries enables the simulation and analysis of a wide variety of vehicles, as full interdependent systems. This reduces the need for physical testing and can shorten the development cycle by creating multi domain digital twins of vehicles. VeSyMA supports the integration and deployment of the models for use in other environments.

Example Use Cases

  • Predictive analysis of duty cycles in a wide range of applications, from conventional, commercial and 2-wheeled vehicles.
  • Analyse propulsion systems with easy comparison of ICE, Electric and Hydrogen with carryover of all non-powertrain components.
  • Software, hardware, and driver-in-the-loop testing with real-time simulation and integration with other tools and hardware.
  • Durability studies of suspension and powertrain loads using scanned proving ground surfaces.
  • Multi domain comfort, heating and cooling analysis, integrating external controllers.
  • Autonomous vehicle simulation providing an accurate platform for sensor dynamics in a virtual environment.
  • Predictive simulation for component selection during the design process.
  • Fault injection to examine system response.
  • Vehicle limit handling analysis for on-road and motorsport applications
  • Systems engineering approach towards novel technologies, such as UAVs

AVSandbox - Autonomous Vehicle Simulation Software & Services

Simulate and test the behavior and characteristics of AV and ADAS systems
  • AV Simulation – Simulate autonomous vehicles (AV) or Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS).
  • The Digital Twin – Model, test and refine complex systems in secure, interactive, and immersive environments.
  • Vehicle Dynamics – Enables accurate simulation of both sensor models and vehicle behavior under all possible conditions.
  • Sensor Realistic – The safety of an AV or ADAS depends entirely on the performance of its perception sensors.
  • Integration & API – The AVSandbox development platform is powerful, scalable, and flexible, with everything you need for integration with other simulation tools.
  • The rFpro Platform – AVSandbox is powered by rFpro, a dynamic engineering-grade simulation solution developed specifically for the automotive and transport sectors.

Brigade - Structural Analysis & Design of Bridges and Civil Structures

BRIGADE is a market-leading software package for structural analysis and design of bridges and civil structures.

BRIGADE provides a complete range of static and dynamic analysis procedures, automatic handling of moving vehicle loads, pre-stressing, advanced load combination and non-linear capabilities in an easy-to-use environment.