CAA-RADE product portfolio provides the most complete set of tools, guides and APIs that supports the development process, from the initial product definition to the final product packaging. Deploying PLM necessitates that the specific needs of a company will further require that capability can be expanded, tailored, extended and integrated. These requirements necessitate openness and the ability to re-apply components to achieve different behavior or capability.

Main Features

Optimize overall speed & quality of development of applications for PLM

CAA-RADE offers an integrated software lifecycle solution, a toolset that extends industry leader & market standard IDE (Interactive Development Environment), a Single toolset for PLM solution brands, a Single source that build on Unix s from Windows platforms.

Increase development speed

With CAA-RADE, you can use best practices through code-generation wizard alongside effective application development integration to put product in operation on time, on budget.

Increase reliability of development application

CAA-RADE offers the ability to automate part of the development lifecycle, the re-usability of component API thoroughly tested, and automated test at build-time & run-time to ensure compliance with quality criteria.

Increase core business value with CAA V5 application

CAA-RADE provides powerful visual modelling capabilities. It frees up developers to focus on building their applications rather than re-inventing the wheel and leverages existing data model without affecting the authoring tools (e.g. CATIA, DELMIA, etc.).

CAA Interactive Test Capture

CAA Interactive Test Capture (ITC) provides the end user or C++ developer with a multi platform interactive scenario recorder and replayer capabilities in a WINtop environment. Product Highlights:

  • Reduce test investment in time by providing an efficient way to record interactively test scenario.
  • User instead of developer can record test scenario.
  • Increase quality of V5 complementary application by easing test scenario capitalisation.

CAA Data Model Customizer

CAA Data Model Customizer (DMC) helps C++ business analyst and S/W architect to leverage the design critical phase of ENOVIA V5 LCA modelling. Product Highlights:

  • Leverage existing ENOVIA LCA V5 modellers to match customer specific needs
  • ENOVIA modelling object optimized DB publication capability
  • Windows XP support for build-time
  • PPR Gateway schema definition from UML model
  • PPR Gateway schemas definition from ENOVIA LCA metadata
  • Integration in DMC of tool for packaging customization for deployment on LCA server

CAA Multi-Workspace Application Builder

CAA Multi-Workspace Application Builder delivers a consistent and integrated environment in which to compile, link-edit and build a V5 application on Windows and on UNIX. Product Highlights:

  • A single tool to build CAA V5 application
  • Same commands and method under both Windows and UNIX
  • Multiple workspace compilation, link and run time creation
  • Access to C, C++ and Java compilers
  • TIE Compiler & EXPRESS Compiler

CAA C++ Interactive Dashboard

CAA C++ Interactive Dashboard provides developers with a single rapid application development environment (RADE) for building UNIX & Windows platforms C++ CAA V5 applications on CATIA and ENOVIA Version 5. Product Highlights:

  • Full application development processes coverage
  • Full integration with Microsoft Visual Studio C++ (R)
  • NT file replication on UNIX and UNIX code building
  • Seamless Visual C++ project integration with V5 workspaces
  • Components workspace creation wizard, V5 component creation wizard
  • Source navigator, API documentation accesses, Command Creation Wizard
  • CATIA Dialog Builder, Workbench and command creation wizard

CAA Java Interactive Dashboard

CAA JAVA Interactive Dashboard (JID) provides developers with a single rapid application development environment (RADE) for building Windows and UNIX JAVA CAA V5 applications for the ENOVIA 3d com product. Product Highlights:

  • Interactive access to CAA Multi-Workspace Application Builder (MAB)
  • Interactive access to the CAA JAVA Unit Test Manager (JUT)
  • Interactive access to the CAA Source Code Manager (SCM)
  • V5 components creation wizard
  • Remote UNIX support
  • Port CAA – JAVA Interactive Dashboard (JID) on IBM Rational Application Developer (IRAD) product
  • Windows XP support for build time

CAA C++ Unit Test Manager

CAA C++ Unit Test Manager (CUT) facilitates test and quality control tasks critical to the efficient development of quality software. Product Highlights:

  • Test and quality control tasks including debug/non debug option and variable setting for custom operations
  • Automatic run time batch test replay with result comparison
  • Memory management and run time error checking and test coverage computation
  • NLS support for CUT messaging
  • Multi-platforms support including UNIX, Windows 2000 & XP
  • Produce MKODT Output in HTML format

CAA Java Unit Test Manager

CAA JAVA Unit Test Manager (JUT) facilitates test and quality control tasks critical to the efficient development of ENOVIA Portal Solutions quality software. Product Highlights:

  • Enables test and quality control task
  • Offers automatic JAVA run time batch test replay
  • Automatic result comparison
  • Automatic replay environment for JAVA test coverage
  • Provide mechanism to execute custom command after the execution of the test objects
  • Windows XP support for build time

CAA C++ Source Checker

CAA C++ Source Checker (CSC) facilitates test and quality control tasks critical to the efficient development of quality software. It operates from the source code application. Product Highlights:

  • Same characteristics under both Windows and UNIX
  • Automatic check of C++ V5 coding rules
  • Memory leaks debugging for object modeler
  • Provides C++ source parser
  • Full HTML report with hyperlink to faulty C++ source
  • Extension of C++ coding rules related to null pointer checks:
  • Memory management rules check improvement
  • Enables recognition of macros that defined memory release
  • Windows XP supportfor build time

CAA Source Code Manager

CAA Source Code Manager (SCM) enables IT organization and software companies to manage and streamline all coding sources related information throughout the application development lifecycle. Product Highlights:

  • Optimizes Workspace management
  • Delivers collaborative and integrated code distribution
  • Integrates with C++ and JAVA Dashboard
  • Enables high-return concurrent development
  • Version and configuration control
  • Multi-platform workspace management
  • Scales from small teamwork to large development organisation

CAA C++ API Documentation Generator

CAA C++ API Documentation Generator provides tools to automatically generates the C++ reference documentation of CAA based applications. Product Highlights:

  • A single tool to automate the C++ reference documentation generation for both CATIA and ENOVIA
  • Product being part of C++ Extended Development Configuration (CDC) from V5R10
  • Ability to document MACRO usage
  • Alphabetical order sort used by default to build generated documentation index
  • Support methods signature without explicit parameter definition
  • Capability to document destructors (versus constructor)

CAA Web Application Composer

CAA Web Application Composer enables business analyst or non developers to build visually and interactively user interfaces for composite application and leverage enterprise applications connectivity. Product Highlights:

  • High level Wizard based toolset
  • Leverages enterprise application systems viewing
  • Leverages enterprise collaboration
  • Cross platform solution
  • IBM Websphere Application Server deployment ready

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