This is usually used to group data by project. Different CS types exist but the general idea is to ensure that only users with a role granted on a Collaborative Space can view, amend and/or lifecycle the data.

Collaborative Spaces (CS) in 3DEXPERIENCE

Sometimes, particularly if data is secured within a Private Collaborative Space, it can be helpful for specific objects (not all) to be made visible in one or more other CS. Generally speaking, making existing data visible elsewhere rather than exporting from one Collaborative Space and reimporting into another is a much better way to work and avoids unnecessary duplication within the database.

The command to do this is called “Collaborative Space Applicability” and is available in the Collaborative Lifecycle app which can be found under the north compass node.  

Although this feature existed prior to 3DEXPERIENCE 2015x, its usability has been greatly improved in 2015x and later releases.

The only pre-requisite is that the user running the command must be a leader of the collaborative space that the data currently belongs to.


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