TECHNIA congratulates InUse (formerly OptimData) for success at Industry hack/Siemens challenge for Ingenious Maintenance. InUse, the Paris based IoT application provider and solution partner of TECHNIA, was last week awarded with both the jury’s choice and participants choice in the challenge set forth by Siemens Finland for Ingenious Maintenance.

InUse Workshop at Industryhack 2017

Image: Daniel Taipali

Outstanding competence in the development team in Paris

“I would like to congratulate InUse (formerly OptimData) on this achievement in Finland,” says Jonas Gejer, CEO of TECHNIA. “We entered this partnership knowing the need for industrial IoT solutions and the outstanding competence in the development team in Paris. Together we will continue to build on this momentum and see more of the real improvements that InUse can bring to industrial OEMs and their customers.”

Among proficient competition from other companies participating in the challenge, InUse was selected as one of three recipients of the jury’s choice and was the sole winner in the categories voted by the participants and employees from Siemens Finland.

InUse Presentation at Industryhack 2017

Image: Daniel Taipali

Collaboration around the maintenance for various technical equipment

“We are very happy that our InUse-application has again shown its versatility when it comes to using AI to interpret in-use equipment situations and enabling the transformation into the knowledge economy by stakeholder collaboration around the maintenance for various technical equipment, “says Laurent Couillard, founder and CEO of InUse.

“In the next steps, we will further the work done in the challenge and cooperate with Siemens Finland to showcase a fully-fledged solution that can be used by Siemens personnel and all external stakeholders and partners that have an interest in the performance and maintenance of internet-connected machines and equipment.”


Laurent Couillard
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About InUse

InUse (formerly OptimData) is a digital startup that takes up the challenges of industry 4.0. It was founded in 2015 by Laurent Couillard and Etienne Droit, who have more than 20 years of experience in software development and international leadership. InUse has designed an AI application based on data from the industrial internet of things (IoT).

The application provides production machines with a language to interact with their operators by giving them information or suggesting actions to be carried out. The solution’s impacts are multiple: improving machine’s availability, controlling their total cost of operation or augmenting the operators and technicians by a collective intelligence.

InUse is based in Paris and is part of L’Alliance pour l’Industrie du Futur and FrenchFab. It counts Engie / Shem, Sidel, Manitou, SAVReso, Alfi technologies and Schunk among its customers.

To find out more about InUse, please visit