Addnode Group is a listed company that acquires, operates and develops entrepreneurial IT companies that help digitize society. For more than 25 years, Addnode Group has actively contributed to a more sustainable society in which people, companies, authorities and organizations interact with the technology that surrounds us. The Group has 1,500 employees in 17 countries.

The IT group Addnode goes like a train. The company reported its second quarter for 2018, it is clear that both earnings and sales increase significantly. Profits rose by 88% to 62 million SEK (from 33), while sales rose by 22% to 717 million SEK(from 588).

The CEO of Addnode Group, Johan Andersson, noted that it is the company’s PLM division which is the locomotive of growth. While the Design Management unit increased sales and earnings by 17% (to 245 million SEK) and 54% (to 20 million SEK in profit) and Process Management division by 14% (to 192 million SEK in turnover) and 25% (to 24 million SEK in profit), the PLM division’s corresponding figures increased by 39% (to 285 million SEK) and 127% respectively (to 25 million SEK in profit).

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