The Essence of Automotive Digital Disruption

Lightyear One is sparking change on a global, industrial scale

The Impact of Clean Sheet, Next Generation Mobility

There has never been a better time to conceptualise and deliver a new business.

Hard and fast market rules are breaking down. Every aspect of technology is being driven forward at pace. And the tools needed to make it happen are at your fingertips.

Lightyear, and their inspired debut product, the Lightyear One, epitomise the potential in empowering exceptional individuals to go beyond. They’re creating a great product. And delivering the vision of something bigger.

A Global Awakening

Climate change is an ever-present aspect in newsreels.

The aspiration to be better is what drives companies like Lightyear to take that giant leap in the right direction. Most CEOs now recognise sustainability as a key factor in a successful business strategy. But companies such as Lightyear are aiming to be a catalyst to the sustainable market transformation. They are creating the boundaries by which future business success will be measured.

From Vision to Value

A recent addition to the automotive OEM landscape, Lightyear was formed in 2016.

They started on the back of the achievements of a group of engineering students, Solar Team Eindhoven. And won the World Solar Challenge race in 2013, 2015 and 2017.

The basic challenges they faced then were similar to those they face today. They needed to improve the efficiency of energy conversion from solar to motion, to reduce weight and improve aerodynamics. On top of this,  a commercial vehicle to market and you should get a sense of just how big an achievement the Lightyear One is.

Disruption Delivered by a World Class Tool Set.

Lightyear matched their new mobility concept with a new and agile delivery.

Their product challenge is defined by performance with efficiency. Every aspect of the vehicle needs to work as efficiently as possible in a unified system unlike any other in the marketplace.

When you clean sheet a revolutionary mobility concept, selection of the right tools and the delivery partner is critical. Lightyear chose the experience of TECHNIA to deliver and support the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform on the cloud from Dassault Systèmes.

The inspired designs of Solar Team Eindhoven have to be delivered to the consumer and regulatory requirements of one of most demanding markets. And the scale, connectivity and the collaborative ability of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform has been instrumental in that process.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Mobility

The mobility market is in motion.

Major OEM’s have announced widespread strategic direction changes involving the electrification of their product ranges.  And significant mergers are being made to address the challenges that new market entrants are creating.

Even though electric car sales in Europe were up 33% in 2018, ‘Range Anxiety’ is still reported to be a significant purchasing hurdle for the consumer.

Could the Lightyear One be the catalyst for full automotive market transformation?

About Lightyear

Lightyear are partnering with the sun to build better cars.

All the cars in the world, combined, drive about one lightyear of kilometres, each year. But they’re destroying the world by doing so. It is our goal to provide a substitute for fossil fuels and reach a lightyear of 100% sustainable transportation before 2035.

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About Dassault Systèmes

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