Design Data Management with CATIA/ 3DEXPERIENCE


Focus on Designing

That’s why CATIA/ 3DEXPERIENCE has not only improved the way you model, but also has eliminated the aggravation and hassle of organizing your CAD data. The problem is with files. Old CAD systems constantly require engineers to locate, validate, organize and archive hundreds (if not thousands) of individual design files.

CATIA/ 3DEXPERIENCE has no files. Because design data is stored in a database, CAD users can always return to any previous state of their model and are never uncertain about which version is the latest. Equally important, CATIA/ 3DEXPERIENCE users never lose work and rarely experience CAD crashes. Years ago, file base design made sense, but now we know better.


The modern design data management approach of CATIA/ 3DEXPERIENCE enhances the user-experience –  in security and collaboration.


  • A Secure on Premise or on Cloud Workspace: Avoid dispersed file copies and have tighter control over who can access your designs.


  • Engineers Working in Parallel: Multiple engineers can simultaneously explore alternative design branches and later merge the best elements.
  • Instant Collaboration, Not Meetings: Teams always see real-time edits and design changes, reducing the frequency of formal design reviews.
  • Zero Need for IT Support: Forget about installing and maintaining servers or upgrading desktop software. Your IT team can focus its energies elsewhere.

Don’t let old CAD Habits Hold you Back

Consider the benefits of a PLM system that utilises a database to manage product information, CAD and processes. Sometimes it does not look too persuasive, until the change is made and there is a moment of clarity that permanently puts to bed many of the issues your business faces on a daily basis.

Of course, if you have never sent the wrong version of a prototype to a supplier, if you can always instantly locate the part or information you are looking for, and if you interact seamlessly with colleagues, suppliers and customers, then you have nothing to worry about.

That is, until you really look closely at some of the tasks you perform habitually and the costs incurred by a whole host of preventable problems.

Guidance though CAD Solutions

Finding the specific benefits of updating to a database supported CAD tool is a lot easier than you might think and there are a number of good suppliers, like TECHNIA, willing to guide you with independent evidence and referral.

It’s also not a bad idea to take a look at how some of the companies using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, a next generation database PLM, are cutting new product development times in half or are re-inventing established markets with speed and innovation. The short step to 3DEXPERIENCE, and it is a short step as you’ll soon see if you explore the applications from brands like CATIA, SIMULIA and DELMIA, is one that will feel very familiar.

Taking that step will give you the added benefit of an application development path that’ll meet your businesses needs for the future, as digitisation continues to infiltrate all aspects of your work, and your needs for a developing toolset that’ll continue to support you as your work challenges change.

You’ll find a Whole Host of Benefits

  • Reduce your reliance on IT Support: Take back engineering control of your work environment with real time visibility of your processes, allocation of resources and integrated workbenches.
  • Manage Security: Whether on Premise or on Cloud, your secure data and intellectual property are free from the damage un-controlled copies may cause as you set the access and rules for your business.
  • Use real-time project management and dash boarding to deliver true collaborative benefits.

Accurate, easily accessible information enables greater team awareness and drives focus on to achieving team targets. Remove information cul-de-sac’s and stop disengaging your best engineers from key work and processes. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform has the power to eliminate many un-productive meetings and it’s easy to find out how it can do this in your business.

If you would like to explore your potential with a database powered engineering platform, speak to TECHNIA today.

Michael Hegarty
Marketing Executive