The ability to swiftly process information and embrace change is considered to be the greatest make-or-break in today’s cut-throat business climate. This is why TechniaTranscat has made these processes the heart of its business, ensuring companies in any industry a safe and innovative leap into the future.

Digitalization is in all its Glory, but there are Drawbacks to it

Unless you’re able to expertly handle the deluge of information that’s literally flooding us from all corners, it’s easy to drown in it all. And that costs you time. Precious time you probably don’t have. But it’s not just about being able to keep tabs on the ins-and-outs of your business. You also need to keep one step ahead of your peers. Predicting the trends before they’ve become real and actually, capitalize on the changes that are about to hit your industry.

Enabling Innovation

Innovation and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) prepare the ground for that. PLM helps you manage any virtual information you might have – from the provenance of the tiniest screw, to the application of a new law or regulation – fully supporting the making of your physical products or services. It also allows you to interact with any parties that might be involved throughout the product’s lifecycle, including your staff, suppliers, partners, regulators and ultimately, your customers. This information then becomes worth its weight in gold.

“It vastly speeds up the time, reduces the complexity of your business’ ecosystem and reduces costs,” observes Magnus Falkman, Director of Process Software at Technia. Technia has specialized in PLM for over 20 years. And has grown into a global knowledge expert serving more than 4,000 customers in industries ranging from life sciences, automotive and travel to telecom, retail, and construction.

“To put it simply, we make product creation easier. We help our customers create new products as well as improve those they already have. It can be anything from a mobile phone to an actual service,” explains Falkman. Adding that customers include Ford, Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace, H&M and Orion Pharma.

Technia as a Supplier of Dassault Systèmes…

Technia is a supplier of Dassault Systèmes’ product portfolio, which includes the French group’s PLM software, 3D design and 3D digital simulation products. These are:

ENOVIA, a collaborative PLM system in a flexible environment.

CATIA, a virtual product design and engineering solution.

DELMIA, a virtual production site tool that helps you plan, apply and continuously optimize your project.

SIMULIA, a simulation tool that allows you to optimize your products before they actually exist.

3DEXPERIENCE, a business experience a platform that combines all of Dassault Systèmes’ brands.


… Which Offers Additional Unique Software Solutions

But Technia also has its very own software portfolio, consisting of a wide array of approximately 40 products that complement these solutions and take them to a whole new level. “They’re basically add-ons and optimizers that give you both faster and higher investment returns,” Falkman says.

Technia’s Integration Framework (TIF) solution, for example, has quickly soared to a customer favorite since its release in 2013. TIF is based on best practices from more than 30 ENOVIA integration projects and makes configuration easy, allowing you to smoothly integrate your PLM with virtually any other standardized enterprise application or system, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). “It vastly speeds up the overall implementation time, reduces the complexity of your business’ ecosystem and reduces costs,” Falkman says.


Continuous Improvements and Growth

Just like it mentors its customers to keep a constant eye on the horizon, Technia sees innovation as key in its own operations too.

“We’re investing quite a lot in IoT (Internet of Things) and IT technology that are open standards for 3D, as well as considering aspects of Machine Learning. These things are coming our way, and so we’re looking at how to develop offerings that include them in an innovative, new way,” says Falkman.

Today, Technia has more than 600 staff in Austria, Finland, Germany, India, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, South Africa, Sweden, UK and the US. And Technia’s people are one of the main drivers behind the company’s growth and success.


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