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Under recent EU regulations, it is now possible to use simulation data to support the safety case for Autonomous vehicles and ADAS features. AVSandbox has been developed with this purpose in mind and we will introduce the simulation platform and explain how it is used to discover failure modes of an Autonomous Vehicle control system.

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Webinar Highlights

  • Introduction
  • The journey to Autonomous Vehicle safety
  • D-Risk: A UK government funded project
    • Edge case database
  • AV Sandbox – Simulation Platform
    • Powered by rFpro
    • Sensor realistic simulation
    • Camera simulation
  • LiDAR model details
    • Systems under test
  • ROS interface
    • System capabilities – ODD
  • Testing our AV
    • T-junction edge case
    • Crossroad failures
    • Pedestrian in the road
  • Conclusion – How does this get us to a safe Autonomous Vehicle?

Who Should Attend?

Professionals from all business functions with an interest in sustainable innovation.

Recording from the PLM Innovation Forum 2022 

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Presented by
Mike Dempsey
Mike Dempsey
Managing Director - Claytex