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A company’s strength is always the skilled workforce enabling more productivity, competitive advantage and better products.  There is a high premium to upskilling employees and this sometimes is not protected and can literally walk out of the door!

How can business leaders protect this investment and use it to their advantage and differentiate in their market? Replacing valued colleagues can be costly, cause delays and disruption in recruitment, institutional knowledge, and customer relationships.

Over the last 20 years, TECHNIA have helped customers to protect their valuable IP through a variety of business processes utlising specialist tools and tailored services which will be explained in this webinar.

What’s covered:

  • Valuable simulation mentoring and method development
  • Upskilling of experienced Simulation users with advanced technologies (to make most out of existing technology and win new projects)
  • Training new users (train new design and stress engineers in order that other member of the team have access and avoid unexpected sudden future gaps from experienced users)
  • The value of simulation so they can better plan future projects and win new business
  •  Simulation method development and live project support (to get challenging project on time and optimise current and future simulation processes)
  • Help with report writing/automation (to optimise and cut time and cost involved in manual report and result presentation)

Who should attend?

Any team manager, directors & business owners.

Presented by
Matt Toon
Matt Toon