We have recently become aware of a feature within Dassault’s new licensing system (DSLS) that may mean users who have ‘offlined’ a license may lose the use of that license under certain circumstances.

Furthermore, the ability to ‘restitute’ the license will be removed at the same time. This would mean that the license in question would not be available on both the license server and the client for the duration of the offline period.

Technical Description

When a license is offlined using DSLS, the license is ‘locked’ from further use on the server (until the offline period expires or the license is restituted).

On the client, the offlined license is stored in a text file in the folder: -C:\ProgramData\DassaultSystemes\Licenses

This folder will also contain the client DSLS configuration text file called DSLicSrv.txt

If either of these files are modified during the offline period, it will result in the license failing. The modification may for example be the use of a text editor on either file. More importantly the use of backup software on this folder will change the archive bit on these files which in turn will render the license unusable.

Once an offlined license has been rendered unusable because of the above occurring, the license will become unavailable on both the client and the server until the offline period has expired.


  • Do not offline a license for a period longer than necessary.
  • If doing any system/data backup, exclude the folder mentioned above.
  • Do not edit any files in the folder mentioned above if a license has been offlined.