The CAD Solution for Mechanical Designer

Are you an engineer, product developer, or mechanical designer?
Benefit now from CATIA Mechanical Designer – an advanced applications suite managing the end-to-end mechanical design process.

Overcome All Your Mechanical Design Challenges

Easily Work on Large Assemblies

Allows multiple engineers to simultaneously work in a collaborative environment with no disruption.

Compelling Modeling Capabilities

Take advantage of CATIA’s high geometric accuracy and benefit from painless iterations.

Streamlined Kinematics and Dynamics Simulations

Use modelling and simulation in your assembly model and validate mechanisms.

Design for Manufacturing

Create parts that fit your manufacturing process.

Mechanical Design Engineering Made Easy With CATIA

Design Complex Mechanical Parts and Projects
  • Design refined 3D complex models using surfacing capabilities and solid modeling tools
  • Quickly and accurately illustrate 3D models
  • Simulate assembly kinematics
  • Read and import any CATIA format document (*.CATPart)
  • Produce product manufacturing information in a single model through the full definition of 3D tolerances and annotations
  • Explore digital mockups with real engineering data, remove review backlog, test and track modifications and test weight distribution.
Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® Cloud Platform

Get instant access to the latest catalogue of apps and online services, and collaborate with team members, clients, and external partners directly on the platform.

Not only can you and your team securely access all the data at any time and from anywhere, but you can also manage and control the digital access for users to see only what they need to see, protecting your intellectual property.

3DEXPERIENCE Platform for a Streamlined Mechanical Design Process

Take advantage from the dedicated communities on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform and share content through activity streams, chat, video, and user-tagged comments.

Set alerts for data feeds and customise your dashboards for tailored views using information from all sources.

Benefit from fasten decision-making and design maturity with concurrent design, all while protecting your intellectual property with sophisticated digital access management.

What Roles Are Included in This Offer?

All roles included in this offer connect everyone to the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. Now design and collaboratively manage complex mechanical 3D models with peace of mind.
Product Design

Mechanical Designer

Design advanced mechanical products and parts, from concept to design revisions.


Facilitate collaboration, data organisation, and bring continuity to your business with the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.

Collaborative Industry Innovator

Define and develop innovative products on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform while collaborating simultaneously across disciplines.

Design / Engineering Learner

Master Mechanical Designer, Collaborative Business Innovator, Collaborative Business Industry with the e-learning application on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.

Choose the Package That Best Suits You

Quarterly Plan

Existing Customers
3 months licence for the powerful CATIA Mechanical Designer solution

3 Months Discovery

New Customers Only
A special offer for new clients to discover a powerful set of mechanical design

Efficiency Boost with CATIA Mechanical Designer

Material Definition

Weld Design

3D Printing

Engineer IP Control

Large Assembly Design

Natural Design


Part Design

Design Review

Sheet Metal Design

Generative Wireframe & Surface Modeling

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