Isight and the SIMULIA Execution Engine (formerly Fiper) harmonise multiple tools to create a simple, yet powerful, simulation workflow which automatically links processes and software applications in an optimised system which has the added benefit of utilising a distributed processing architecture.

Main Features

Design of Experiments

Isight enables engineers to quickly assess the impact of various design variables based on a set of objectives.


Isight provides a comprehensive selection of parallelised optimisation techniques that can be applied to a variety of problems.

Data Machining

This process enables simulation models to be calibrated by minimizing any variety of different error measures using optimisation techniques.  

Quality Methods

Isight provides stochastic methods that account for variation in product designs and their operating environment.

Approximations & the Visual Design Driver

Isight offers powerful real-time tools to interpolate results of computationally intensive realistic simulations.


Isight is a process automation tool for creating flexible simulation process flows to automate the exploration of design alternatives and for the identification of optimal performance parameters. Isight provides designers, engineers, and researchers with an open system for integrating design and simulation models—created with various CAD, CAE, and other software applications—to automate the execution of hundreds or thousands of simulations.

Why Use Isight?

  • Automate simulation process flows and reduce simulation process costs
  • Leverage advanced techniques such as design of experiments, optimisation, approximations, and design for Six Sigma
  • Optimise design for cost, weight, materials and beyond
  • Allow optimum use of hardware and computing resources
  • Integrate and run models or simulation applications directly within Isight
  • Integrate seamlessly with existing enterprise Web application servers and database

SIMULIA Execution Engine (SEE)

The Execution Engine manages the execution of simulation jobs and simulation process flows and supports collaborative sharing of components, simulation process flows and results. Jobs can be specified to execute in parallel automatically to fully leverage available computer resources.

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