RAMSIS is the world-leading 3D-CAD-ergonomics tool, designed in collaboration with the German automobile industry for the ergonomic development of vehicles and cockpits.

Main Features

Efficient Analysis

Special functions are the realistic replay of international body data, as well as efficient analysis for visibility, comfort and ergonomics formulations.

Package & Design Studies

With RAMSIS, package and design studies can be extensively dealt with throughout the construction phase of the vehicle.

Deliver Consumer Demands

Ergonomics is increasingly seen as a quality factor by the customer and it is becoming a significant differentiation criteria.

World Leading Tool

RAMSIS is the world leading CAD tool for ergonomics design and analysis of vehicle interiors and working places and is already used by 70% of automobile manufacturers.

RAMSIS Industry Domains

RAMSIS Automotive

RAMSIS Automotive is a CAD manikin especially developed for the ergonomic analysis of cars. Applications range from the ergonomic design of driver and passenger areas to an entire design for efficient preventative and corrective maintenance work. RAMSIS is not only available to the user as a pure CAD application (e.g. integrated into CATIA or as a stand-alone version), this ergonomics system can also be used for extensive real-time tests in the virtual reality laboratories of automotive manufacturers.

RAMSIS Aircraft

RAMSIS Aircraft is a CAD mannequin, which has been specially developed for ergonomic analysis of aircraft. Applications range from the ergonomic design of cockpits and aircraft passenger cabins to the simulation of preventive and corrective maintenance in a virtual reality environment.

RAMSIS Industrial Vehicles

RAMSIS Industrial Vehicles is a CAD manikin, especially developed for the ergonomic design of drivers’ workplaces during the construction phase of so-called commercial vehicles, like heavy machinery, construction machinery, excavators, wheel loaders, etc. However, it is not just the posture and safety of the driver that can be optimised based on ergonomic analyses, the entire design of a vehicle can also be checked in order to check exactly how maintenance work will be carried out.


Seatbelt routing is physically simulated on a special test rig. With RAMSIS Safety, you can transfer this analysis into your computer in the knowledge that it is revision-secure and ensure comfortable buckling and unbuckling at the same time. RAMSIS Safety is the only digital test in the world for which certification is legally approved.

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