LiteMachine performs an automatic feature and color detection and groups the operations for NC programming. With the analysis of the 3D CAD model machining objects, e.g. drilling or pocket types are identified separately for drilling and milling operations and stored automatically into the machining plan. During part design, the engineer colour features are dedicated to specific manufacturing operations.


Feature recognition

Group features

Create machining plan

Calculate raw material

Create XML for ERP system

Calculate machining parameter

LiteMachine Benefits:


litemachine details

From Multi-CAD workflow to unified process using JT as process format

Instead of managing different CAD formats, only one file format (JT) is used in downstream processes.

Shorten the time from design to manufacturing

By reducing and eliminating many standard engineering work by using an easy to use and optimized application for the production planning team. LiteMachine recognizes these features, calculates required feature information like hole diameter and length and groups these features by colour. In addition, the material removal is calculated based on the raw material that can be positioned in relation to the final part. The result information is stored in an xml file that can be passed to an ERP system.

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