3DHTML is a proprietary data format of TECHNIA, which is basically an HTML document containing tesselated geometry, a structure tree, PMIs and metadata of a 3D model. There is also functionality for viewing embedded into the document. 3DHTML can be viewed in any web browser and requires no installation of additional software.


3D visualization (zoom, pan, rotate)

Show properties

Structure tree

PMI and model views

Clipping and measurements

Password protection

Expiration date

Benefits - Provide all users with 3D data

Perfect for non-experienced users

Lite3DHTML offers a very user-friendly interface, which benefits users without any CAD knowledge. The layout of the HTML document is managed in templates. Features like clipping or measurement, and visibility of model views, PMIs and structure tree, etc. can be controlled.

Interactive or automatic creation of Lite3DHTML

Lite3DHTML documents can be exported using LiteBox3D Desktop or using the Lite3DHTML batch run utility. Size and quality of a 3DHTML model differs with the user level of detail (LOD) of the source JT file.

Secure and up to date

All geometrical data is stored in a proprietary format. Access to files can be password protected. To prevent usage of old versions of your models, an expiration date can be set.

Always available

Since no additional software is necessary to open 3DHTML, files can be easily shared and viewed on any device as long as a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE 11, Edge, Safari, …) is installed. A connection to the internet is not required.

Lite3DHTML in Action

3DHTML files can be used in any department where 3D data is essential: shop floor, quality assurance, purchasing department and suppliers.


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