GeomCaliper is an innovative tool that facilitates measurement and checking of thickness on 3D models within CATIA V5 and Creo. GeomCaliper enables acceleration of the design review process for manufacturability.

Main Features

Quick and easy means of checking design for manufacturing

Downstream cost savings due to improved part design quality

Improved design productivity whilst fast, accurate and easy to use

GeomCaliper Product Features:

The traditional methods of 3D wall thickness analysis are tedious and time consuming. Many time it provides erroneous results. GeomCaliper is simple, easy to use, fast, and accurate tool.

  • Quick & accurate thickness measurement
  • Easy to locate critical thickness areas
  • Advanced visualization for easy interpretation of results
  • Ability to clip model at any section
  • Dynamic thickness display at point click
  • Compute thickness at selected region
  • Integrated with major CAD systems
  • Ability to run in batch mode
  • Ability to ignore small thickness at edges
  • Customizable reports in XML / HTML format

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