CATIA V5 offers highly intuitive tools to easily create, validate and modify any type of surfaces, from freeform surfaces to mechanical shapes.

Main Features

For mechanical designers, shape designers and stylists

An extensive set of functionalities supporting their surface modelling, editing and validation processes. High quality rendering will bring your virtual creation to reality.

Master up to high complexity shapes

CATIA V5 Shape Design & Styling solutions provide an integrated competitive environment to handle both Free Form, Aesthetical, Aero surfaces and Mechanical Surfaces.

CATIA - ICEM Shape Design Expert

Provide advanced Class-A Surface modelling and analysis tools to help create aesthetic and ergonomic shapes to the highest surface quality. Product Highlights:

  • Advanced Surface Creation tools
  • Global Modelling tools
  • Feature modelling
  • Advanced Filleting tools
  • Industry designed features
  • Advanced geometry analysis capabilities

CATIA - ICEM Shape Design Center

Providing advanced Surface modelling and analysis tools to help create aesthetic and ergonomic shapes to the highest levels of surface quality (Class A). Product Highlights:

  • Delivers advanced Class-A Surface generation, modification and analysis tools
  • Supports explicit and associative modelling techniques
  • Intuitive and dynamic surface modelling techniques
  • User quality control through Feature-based approximation
  • Simultaneous real-time analysis
  • Supports advanced ergonomic workflow through Parallel commands
  • Propagates surface modifications to related topology
  • Integrates Class-A and engineering surface design

CATIA - ICEM Shape Design AeroExpert

Providing advanced Surface modelling and analysis tools to help create surface lofted shapes to the highest levels of surface quality. Product Highlights:

  • Advanced surface creation commands in support of Aeronautical requirements
  • Supports explicit and associative modelling techniques
  • Intuitive and dynamic surface modelling techniques
  • Advanced geometry management output capabilities. i.e. Single Cell surface
  • Simultaneous real-time analysis
  • Propagates surface modifications to related topology
  • High quality creation, modification and analysis capabilities. i.e. G3 continuity
  • Data reduction capabilities. i.e. Smoothing

CATIA - Photo Studio (2)

Generate high quality photo-realistic images and movies of a digital mock-up, by using a powerful ray-tracing engine Product Highlights:

  • High rendering quality far beyond graphic cards capability
  • Ability to easily take a highly realistic “photo” of a product
  • Ability to define reusable scene settings (Stickers application, Creation of animations)
  • Instant graphical feedback of any setting modification
  • Simple and powerful animation capabilities
  • Surface verification capability
  • Intuitive customizable Windows native User Interface reducing training requirements

CATIA - Automotive Body-In-White Fastening

Design Body in White fasteners in the context of automotive assembly. Product Highlights:

  • Supports Fasteners parameters set-up file customizable according to customer company standards
  • Enable Spot fasteners placement and shape definition
  • Welding, Adhesive, Sealant, Clinching Process types support
  • Easy Assignment of Fastener attributes from standard set-up file
  • Associative Fastener location update from joined part design change
  • Enables collaborative engineering/manufacturing work
  • Ensures opening with customer proprietary tools via a neutral ASCII text exchange format
  • Includes an intuitive, task-optimized, user interface

CATIA - Realistic Shape Optimizer

Optimizes your 3D digital model through realistic shapes resulting from simulations, or measurements, of products in operation. Uses those shapes to better assess and enhance the design of your products and tooling. Product Highlights:

  • Update quickly nominal shapes with under-loads shapes
  • Compares them with your initial design
  • Performs realistic simulation and analysis
  • Benefits from a standard format

Real Time Rendering (1) & (2)

Enable designers to leverage technological material specifications to produce realistic renderings of their model. Product Highlights:

  • Applies rendering and technological specifications to designs enabling to produce realistic renderings
  • Enables designers to interactively create material texture definitions
  • Allows designers to create design families and organize the material definitions
  • Includes a library of predefined materials
  • Offers users the option of applying textures with standard Windows methods or through a specification-driven approach
  • Renders textured images in real time
  • Enables to share material specifications with other CATIA V5 applications
  • Offers the same ease of use and user interface consistency as all CATIA V5 applications

Photo Studio Optimizer

Generate incredibly realistic images and movies of a Digital Mock-up by extending PHS capabilities. Product Highlights:

  • The ultimate product to generate high quality photo-realistic images and movies of a digital mock-up
  • Advanced material definition allows to match reality
  • High rendering quality far beyond graphic cards capabilities
  • Increased productivity thanks to fast computation performances

CATIA - Generative Shape Design (1) & (2)

Create in-context, specification-driven shapes based on a combination of wireframes and extensive multiple surface features. Product Highlights:

  • A big easiness of Use for all designers
  • From preliminary to detailed design on parts requiring consequent surfacing
  • Associative Design
  • Managing changes with time saving features
  • End-to-end full process coverage

CATIA - Generative Shape Optimizer

Extend the combined wireframe and multiple surface creation features of CATIA – Generative Shape Design 2 (GSD) with its powerful global deformation technologies. Product Highlights:

  • Brings a new set of high productive tools to locally deform complex surfaces
  • Offers breakthrough means in some specific industrial processes
  • Transfers surfaces from a revolution shape to a plane one and conversely

CATIA - Developed Shapes

Allow to quickly and easily unfold any type of free form surfaces and develop curve on a revolution surface. Product Highlights:

  • Quickly Flatten ruled and non-ruled surfaces
  • Transfers surfaces from a revolution shape to a plane one and conversely
  • Native associativity with other CATIA V5 mechanical shape design workbenches
  • Easy-to-use tool to manage key industrial processes

CATIA - Freestyle Shaper (1) & (2)

Provide surface-based tools to help designers create styled shapes and surfaces Product Highlights:

  • Integrates styling and production surface design
  • Provides tools to dynamically and easily create shape and surface designs
  • Presents curve and surface diagnosis tools for real time visual quality checking
  • Enables dynamic, interactive shape deformation
  • Generates native high quality surfaces
  • Addresses hybrid modeling requirements through integration with other CATIA products
  • Allows design in context of the Digital Mock-up in a multiple part environment
  • Interoperable with Version 4 data and applications
  • Offers the same ease of use and user interface consistency as all CATIA V5 applications

CATIA - Freestyle Optimizer

Extend the shape and surface modelling functions of CATIA – Freestyle Shaper 2 (FSS) to the morphing of complex, multi-surfaces shapes. Product Highlights:

  • Enables morphing of complex, multi-surface shapes
  • Globally modifies multiple surface parts as a single patch while preserving design characteristics
  • Modifies predefined designs to fit physical mock-up scan data
  • Portrays reflect lines produced from a virtual neon row for real-life showroom surface inspection
  • Extends the capabilities of FreeStyle Shaper 2
  • Offers the same ease of use and user interface consistency as all CATIA V5 applications

CATIA - Freestyle Profiler

Address intuitive dynamic surface creation by sweeping a profile curve along multiple guides. Product Highlights:

  • Close behaviour to traditional approach on physical mock-up
  • Complete set of associative Styling Sweeps allowing to cover the different needs for profiled surface creation
  • Associative Net Surface family allowing to cover the different needs for complex profiled surface creation
  • Uniform control point network of the generated surfaces allowing to guarantee high quality and deformable surfaces
  • 3D Curve creation tools and curve modification through control point and match curve commands
  • Intuitive customizable Windows native user interface for short training cycles

CATIA - Freestyle Sketch Tracer

Allow the integration of stylists’ work (such as 2D painting) into a 3D format, as the basis for 3D virtual mock-ups. Product Highlights:

  • From sketch to free form model Improved productivity
  • Allows 3D sketch positioning and trimming support with point translator
  • Provides scale and stretch adjustment capability allowing the fitting between the sketch and the 3D model
  • Allows a quick view orientation based on the point of view of the sketch
  • Supports many image formats
  • Provides an ease-to-use and highly productive user interface for intuitive and dynamic mouse-based surface manipulations

CATIA - Imagine & Shape

Enable designers and engineers to quickly, intuitively, transform a shape idea into a 3D geometric model. Product Highlights:

  • Engineers the emotional content of products
  • Enables more free form alternative design studies, less physical mock-ups
  • One solution, from styling to manufacturing
  • Puts Styling at the heart of PLM

CATIA - Digitized Shape Editor

Address digitised data import, clean up, tessellation, cross sections, character line, shape and quality checking with real-time diagnosis. Product Highlights:

  • Import and Export Digitized data
  • Direct machining on mesh (using CATIA – 3 Axis Surface Machining 2 (SMG))
  • Inspection by using alignment and deviation checking capabilities
  • Space Analysis of a digitized mock-up in CAD environment
  • Checking feasibility during styling Refinement cycle
  • Checking and healing meshes for Rapid Prototyping
  • Web based collaborative Engineering by using VRML output in ENOVIA Portal
  • Early manufacturing process simulation of a mock-up with DELMIA application suite

CATIA - Quick Surface Reconstruction

Easily and quickly recover surfaces from digitised data that are imported using CATIA – Digitized Shape Editor 2 (DSE). Product Highlights:

  • Good quality of editable surface recovering
  • Fast surfaces reconstruction
  • Polygon segmentation in pertinent surfaces area
  • Recovering of large free forms area delimited by n sides boundaries
  • Editable mechanical shape identification and keeping
  • Quality checking tools

CATIA - Shape Sculptor

Provide designers with easy-to-use sculpting tools, allowing them to model shapes from digitised skins or physical models. Product Highlights:

  • Uniquely supply a fully integrated polygonal modeler in a PLM system
  • Allow to rapidly design new products from a concept
  • Enable quick and precise shape creation through polygonal, curve and surface modelling
  • Complement mechanical design and surfacing tools for advanced surfacing processes
  • Features intuitive and easy to use system that helps free the designer’s imagination

CATIA - Automotive Body In White Templates

Deliver highly productive capabilities to accelerate automotive Body In White design process. Product Highlights:

  • Dedicated Body-In-White design product with highly productive skilled features
  • Strengthens the CATIA PLM end-to-end design for manufacturing Body-In-White process coverage
  • Embeds process knowledge inside each features

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