Get it right first time! The extensive range of tools provided with the CATIA V5 Product Synthesis Solution set provides easy automation and validation of design and manufacturing data. This also allows for the effective capture and reuse of corporate know-how.

Main Features

The core capabilities of CATIA V5

Enjoy the power of product synthesis embedded within its easy-to-use multi-discipline tools.

The capture of expertise and automation of business processes

The KnowledgeWare solutions combine the power of explicit rules that define the product behaviour, with interactive capture of design intent as the design is built.

Explore more of the benefits of design alternatives and automated goal-driven design optimisation

The Knowledgeware solutions permit users to assess and quickly determine the best alternative for a design amongst numerous combinations of parameters and constraints.

Assured design consistency and quality

Users can validate their designs and ensure acceptable development standards are maintained enterprise-wide. They also assure designers of the quality of their design, enabling them to make the right decisions, faster.

Solutions that facilitate brainstorming and innovation

Functional and conceptual definition optimisation tools are designed to formalise designs. This allows users to detect engineering problems in the functional definition of the system at the conceptual development stage.

Focus on DMU solutions

V5 DMU enables real-time visualization and review of the 3D product as it evolves, streamlining collaborative review and decision-making.

Seamlessly integrated within Dassault Systemes PLM solutions

Designed for multi-CAD environment, V5 DMU facilitates digital mockup validation and simulation from detail design to maintenance.

V5 DMU used in conjunction with ENOVIA V5 VPM

Enables global organizations - from marketing to design to maintenance - to collaborate in real time using configurable 3D mock-ups, and to rapidly validate product variants during testing of design alternatives.

CATIA Vehicle Occupant Accommodation

CATIA Vehicle Occupant Accommodation provides a solution for vehicle occupant packaging regulatory validation using 3D manikins. Product Highlights:

  • Reduce cost of occupant accommodation validation
  • Effectively predict vehicle occupant posture
  • Reuse and share information across multiple design disciplines

CATIA - Knowledge Expert (1) & (2)

CATIA Knowledge Expert 1 (KE1) ensures the consistency and quality of designer’s work using corporate standard rules bases created with CATIA Knowledge Expert 2 (KWE). Product Highlights:

  • Ensures designers of the quality and consistency of their design with corporate standards
  • Leverages corporate engineering know-how to secure product design process
  • Generates reports, which include a complete description of the verifications performed
  • Benefits from full integration with all CATIA V5 applications

CATIA DMU Composites Review

CATIA DMU Composites Review provides users with all the relevant information on composite design and materials. Product Highlights:

  • Share composite material information with extended teams
  • Perform primary composite design analysis for manufacturability and cost assessment

CATIA Human Preferred Angles Catalog

CATIA Human Preferred Angles Catalog boosts users productivity by providing users with a catalog of preferred angles to optimise manikin postures. Product Highlights:

  • Enhance analyses results precision by providing catalogs containing advanced comfort, safety and strength data
  • Optimise manikin posture based on scientific references for comfort, safety and strength
  • Promotes human ergonomics simulation to more users though an improved user experience

CATIA Human Posture Catalog

CATIA Human Posture Catalog boosts users productivity by providing users with a catalog of human postures. Product Highlights:

  • Saves time using the use of a catalog of pre-defined manikin postures
  • Promotes human modelling simulation to more users though an improved user experience

CATIA Human Anthropometry Catalog

CATIA Human Anthropometry Catalog boosts productivity by providing users with a catalog of manikins based on anthropometry data. Product Highlights:

  • Enhance analyses results precision by providing catalogs with advanced anthropometry attributes
  • Promotes human ergonomics simulation to more users though an improved user experience

CATIA DMU Dimensioning & Tolerancing Review

Visualise, query, and filter mechanical dimensioning and tolerancing information. Product Highlights:

  • 2D and 3D visualisation of tolerances between surfaces in a digital mockup
  • Advanced filtering capabilities to filter the display by criteria, element and/or feature
  • Complete two-way associativity, in-between Dimensioning and Tolerancing annotations, geometrical elements and features
  • Preserves existing customer investment with the support of data designed with the FD&T function in CATIA CADAM V4
  • Benefits from the full integration with the ENOVIA DMU line of products
  • OLE support, offering utilization of several component attributes within office documents such as maintenance documents
  • Save a FD&T document in VRML 1.0 format for review and distribution in a standard browser
  • Support for CATIA V5 FD&T annotations announced in CATIA V5R5 (FT1)

CATIA Flex Physical Simulation

CATIA Flex Physical Simulation enables the design the realistic shape of flexible harnesses based on physical and environmental behaviour. Product Highlights:

  • Avoids installation problems in the physical mock-up by providing more accurate harness shapes in the DMU
  • Brings a transparent simulation through fast computation
  • Fully imbedded technology for immediate designer’s adoption
  • Provides exact geometry for direct benefit to downstream applications
  • Provides capabilities to create branchable bundle with several computed bend radius on the same branch

CATIA Knowledge Advisor

CATIA Knowledge Advisor allows designers and design engineers to embed knowledge within design and leverage it to reduce errors and automate design for maximum productivity. Product Highlights:

  • Captures and highlights engineering knowledge as embedded design specifications
  • Provides easy definition and understanding of know-how
  • Supports of advanced relational design
  • Leverages knowledge capital to automate design tasks
  • Leverages know-how to guide and assist users through the different design stages
  • Shares and ensures compliance with design rules and constraints

CATIA Product Engineering Optimizer

CATIA Product Engineering Optimizer accelerates design alternatives exploration and optimization according to multiple requirements. Product Highlights:

  • Accelerates exploration of design alternatives through the use of Design Of Experiments
  • Performs multi-discipline and multi-goal design optimization

CATIA Product Knowledge Template

CATIA Product Knowledge Template allows for the maximum reuse of secured intelligent feature, part and assembly templates created using CATIA Product Knowledge Template 2. Product Highlights:

  • Maximizes design and know-how re-use
  • Deploys best practices
  • Protects intellectual assets

CATIA - Product Knowledge Template Definition

Create interactively intelligent feature, part and assembly Templates that encapsulate geometry and know-how for maximum secured reuse through CATIA – Product Knowledge Template 1 (KT1). Product Highlights:

  • Interactive creation of intelligent Product Knowledge Templates
  • Editing and maintenance of Product Knowledge Templates
  • Product Knowledge Templates management
  • Scripting templates for a complete solution
  • Ability to create, modify and delete geometry publication (make geometrical features available to different users)

CATIA - Business Process Knowledge Template (1) & (2)

Accelerate and secure business processes time frame, while being more innovating, through the use of specialized pseudo-applications created with Business Process Knowledge Template 3 (BKT). Product Highlights:

  • Deploys your know how through specialized, easy-to-use applications
  • Secures your design process
  • Accelerates your design development cycle
  • Unleashes designers’ creativity

CATIA - Product Function Description

Describe the functional systems of a product to be designed and visualize them in a schematic-like viewer. Product Highlights:

  • Enables description of the functional systems of a product
  • Structures the functional definition of a product across several documents
  • Provides visualization of the functional systems in a schematic-like viewer
  • Enables management of variants for functional systems
  • Allows creation of links between functional systems and CATIA product items, enabling full functional and physical definition in V5
  • Manages scripts from functional view to generate 3D data

CATIA - DMU Navigator (1) & (2)

Perform collaborative digital mock-up review using powerful visualization, navigation, and communication tools. Product Highlights:

  • Supports a large set of 2D and 3D formats
  • Provides 2D viewing and 3D navigation tools for DMU inspection
  • Facilitates DMU collaborative review by supporting 2D and 3D annotations, hyperlinks creation and simulation replay
  • Allows complete DMU review and simulation through native integration with other DMU products
  • Supports publishing through report creation in HTML format
  • Allows collaboration on the same project review from different location thanks to Conferencing capability
  • Performs productive DMU review thanks to cache management
  • Supports automation of commands for enhanced user productivity
  • Integrates with ENOVIA VPM to promote business best practices

CATIA - DMU Space Analysis (1) & (2)

Perform DMU verification using interference detection and 3D geometry comparison tools. Product Highlights:

  • Interactively checks interferences
  • Compares 3D geometry, visualizes the result in a dedicated viewer, perform sectioning on the 3D comparison and take measurements on the section
  • Integrates with CATIA- DMU Navigator 1 (DN1) for space computation on large assemblies
  • Provides a set of exact measurements on and between products, parts and features

CATIA - DMU Fitting Simulator

Define, simulate and analyze assembly/disassembly operations for digital product validation and animations. Product Highlights:

  • Defines single object or groups of objects to be moved during the disassembly procedure
  • Generates dis-assembly trajectory avoiding collisions and respecting angular limitations
  • Interactively simulates objects’ trajectories with visual feedback
  • Dynamically analyzes simulated trajectories in order to validate their feasibility
  • Integrates with other DMU products for powerful combination of simulations
  • Generates useful information on the space reservation in the assembly
  • Allows commands’ automation through Visual Basic macro programming

CATIA - DMU Kinematics Simulator

Define, simulate, and analyze mechanisms for digital mock-ups of all sizes. Product Highlights:

  • Simulates mechanism motion in order to validate mechanisms
  • Analyzes mechanism motion dynamically with visual feedback
  • Records motion analysis results to increase accessibility of simulation results
  • Generates useful information such as traces and swept volumes to be taken into account for further design modifications
  • Allows automation of mechanism creation and simulation through Visual Basic macro programming
  • Allows combined simulations through the integration with other DMU products
  • Simulates and analyzes mechanisms involving any multi-CAD parts
  • Preserves V4 customers’ investment in Kinematics definition through V4 data integration

CATIA - DMU Optimizer

Create alternate representations of products or assemblies for size reduction or geometry creation better adapted to specific contexts. Product Highlights:

  • Creates accurate representations of a part (or assembly) while reducing its size
  • Generates simplified representations of parts ensuring confidentiality protection when communicating with suppliers (Wrapping)
  • Optimized digital mock-up management through the combination of Optimizer commands
  • Converts surfaces into volumes for realistic digital mock-up analysis (Thickness)
  • Takes into account security margins by adding an offset value to a selected set of shapes (Offset)
  • Performs space reservation by generating the swept volume of a moving part (Swept Volume)
  • Generating maximum global wrapping envelope of vibrating parts (Vibration Volume)
  • Facilitates further analysis and design in an assembly by visualizing the free space (Free Space)
  • Manages the different representations by saving and reusing them for productive DMU review and analysis

CATIA - DMU Engineering Analysis Review

Provide an easy-to-use capability to visualize and perform DMU reviews of Engineering Analysis Studies. Product Highlights:

  • Access of analysis results for the non-specialists
  • Animation of analysis results
  • Automatic detailed report generation
  • Advanced DMU review

CATIA - DMU Fastening Review

DMU Fastening Review 2 (FAR) is dedicated to the validation and the documentation of fasteners in the frame of the collaborative automotive Body in White fasteners process. Product Highlights:

  • Provides a comprehensive set of tools to validate fasteners
  • Enables complete fasteners documentation creation

CATIA - DMU Space Engineering Assistant

Shorten design cycle times and respect rules that ensure corporate design consistency through the pro-active checking of the impact of design modifications in a concurrent environment. Product Highlights:

  • Performs interference analysis in concurrent design environment
  • Stores the interference analysis results for reuse

CATIA - Human Builder

Create and manipulate accurate standard digital manikins in digital mock-up environment for key human-product interaction analysis early in the product lifecycle. Product Highlights:

  • Intuitively creates standard manikins
  • Defines manikin postures and positions for manikin manipulation
  • Analyzes the manikin vision to enabling a better understanding of what an operator would see in a task environment
  • Simulates the motion of humans and their interaction with virtual products
  • Enables quick static and dynamic simulation as well as analysis of human-product interaction
  • Enables human-product interaction analysis when the product design data has been defined in multiple CAD formats

CATIA - Human Measurements Editor

Create detailed digital humans for advanced human factors analysis and global target audience accommodation. Product Highlights:

  • Provides advanced detailed digital human creation tools
  • Customizes all manikin anthropometry variables for user-specific human modelling
  • Creates boundary manikins for true target audience accommodation
  • Analyzes relationships between anthropometry variables
  • Integrates with Knowledgeware for anthropometry management

CATIA - Human Posture Analysis

Examine, score, and iterate whole body and localized postures to determine operator comfort and performance in the context of the development of a new product. Product Highlights:

  • As an add-on to Human Builder 2 brings advanced tools for analysis of human posture
  • Creates customized comfort libraries by defining the right range of human motion for comfort or precision
  • Scores postures according to the preferred motion zones and iterate them to optimize postures
  • Performs automatic best posture finding
  • Supports published comfort databases for postural analysis

CATIA - Human Activity Analysis

Maximize human comfort, safety, and performance through a wide range of tools and methods that specifically analyze how a manikin interacts with objects in its virtual environment. Product Highlights:

  • Takes advantage of all Human Builder 2 (HBR) functions and brings advanced tools for comfort, safety and performance analysis
  • Allows analysis of lifting, lowering and carrying tasks using the NIOSH 81 and 91 standard equations
  • Allows Rapid Upper Limb Assessment (RULA) for quick and intuitive analysis of arm position
  • Allows analysis of pushing and pulling tasks using the SNOOK & CIRELLO standard equations

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