CATIA – Mechanical Design Solutions provides products for intuitive specification driven modeling for Solid, Hybrid and Sheet Metal Part design, Assembly design and Integrated Drafting.

Main Features

From concept to detailed design and onto drawing production

The CATIA V5 Mechanical Design products accelerate core activities of product development.

Address sheet metal requirements and mold manufacturers

Through dedicated applications that dramatically enhance productivity and strongly reduce time-to-market.

Advanced drafting capabilities

Provided through the associative drawing generation from 3D part and assembly designs.

An advanced 3D product creation package

Allows the user to create parts in a highly productive and intuitive environment, to enrich existing mechanical part design with wireframe and basic surface features.

Address 2D design and drawing production requirements

With a stand-alone state-of-the-art 2D tool Interactive Drafting 1 (ID1).

CATIA - 3D Insight

Provides review and model interrogation capabilities to comply with FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) certification policies. Product Highlights:

  • Product Structure capabilities
  • Interactive Drafting for drawings production
  • IGES and STEP Interfaces
  • DMU Navigator, DMU Dimensioning and Tolerancing Review for reviewing and model interrogation
  • Wireframe and Surface for non persistent data authoring
  • V4 Integration

Composites Design

Provides an all in one solution to cover the whole engineering to manufacturing design process of high quality composite parts. Product Highlights:

  • Specification driven composites design approach
  • Support of specific geometrical configurations
  • Manufacturing parameter management at the early stage of the design process
  • Powerful Synchronisation/Collaboration Mechanisms with detailed design
  • Effective manufacturing export capabilities and strong partnerships to support all composites manufacturing processes
  • Uniquely takes advantage of the CATIA V5 infrastructure and other applications

CATIA - Composites Engineering

Provides powerful process oriented tools dedicated to the design of composites parts from preliminary detailed design to engineering detailed design. Product Highlights:

  • Specification driven composites design approach
  • Support of specific geometrical configurations
  • Powerful plies generation from zones
  • Manufacturing parameter management at the early stage of the design process
  • Uniquely takes advantage of the CATIA V5 infrastructure and other applications

CATIA - Composites Design for Manufacturing

Provides powerful process oriented tools dedicated to manufacturing detailed design of composites parts. Product Highlights:

  • Dedicated manufacturing part modelling capabilities such as manufacturing shell swapping and material excess definition and 3D multisplice
  • Accurate fiber behavior simulation
  • Automatic flattened geometry creation
  • Effective manufacturing export capabilities and automatic shopfloor documentation
  • Powerful synchronization/collaboration mechanisms with engineering detailed design

CATIA - 2D Layout for 3D Design

CATIA – 2D Layout for 3D Design 1 (LO1) is a new generation product dedicated to accelerate the 3D conceptual design process. Product Highlights:

  • Design and annotate 3D model using a 2D drafting look and feel
  • Drive 3D models
  • Capture design communication intent
  • Design of 3D models from a 2D conceptual geometry
  • Layout of 3D models, with full drafting capabilities
  • Faster 2D overview layouts directly within the 3D environment
  • Reuse of legacy drawings to start new projects in 3D

CATIA - Assembly Design (1) & (2)

Define mechanical assembly constraints, automatically position parts and checks assembly consistency. Product Highlights:

  • Complete range of assembly tools supporting concurrent design teams
  • Providing assembly annotation and documentation for all types of application
  • High productivity assembly manipulation and modification tools allowing dynamic analysis of assembly definitions and collision checking
  • Assemblies represent real-world applications by using mechanical assembly definition (flexible-assemblies) as well as rigid BOM based assemblies

CATIA - Weld Design 1

Design advanced welded products based on process definition and rules. Product Highlights:

  • Creates welding operations from a catalogue of 15 welding bead shapes
  • Automatically chamfers parts and edges in preparation for welding
  • Creates associative features between parts and specification for ease of modification
  • User Define Weld
  • All weld features are integrated into the 3D design
  • The weld visualization and specification is displayed in the drafting environment for full documentation

CATIA - Part Design (1) & (2)

Design parts in a highly productive and intuitive environment. Product Highlights:

  • Provides an associative, feature based hybrid modeller
  • Incorporating thread specifications, on hole definitions and circular pads and holes
  • Includes Flexible, post-design 3D parameterization
  • Creates Sketches and 3D designs in assembly context
  • Makes designs easier to understand across the entire enterprise with Part
  • Structure Editor, speeding up initial design and changes
  • Expanded hybrid modeling capability with surface and shape design products
  • Gives a broad range of features, duplication and translation capabilities to manage all definition and change scenarios

CATIA - Part Design Feature Recognition

CATIA – Part Design Feature Recognition 1 (FR1) is intended to recognize Part Design feature from an Isolated B-Rep. Product Highlights:

  • Offers advanced tools for Post-Modification on isolated solids coming from external systems or standard formats
  • Recreates Part design features from a Global recognition tool that analyses the whole isolated solid
  • Recreates Part design features based upon faces selection for a precise and efficient local recognition

CATIA - Functional Molded Parts (1) & (2)

Design molded parts with great productivity and flexibility through advanced functional features. Product Highlights:

  • Gives molded part designer flexibility and productivity thanks to functional modelling approach
  • Provides a collection of process-specific functional features dedicated to design molded and plastic parts
  • Provides a new usability on the market
  • Provides end-to-end process coverage due to integration with CATIA V5 applications
  • Enables designers to concentrate on what they want to model and not how to model it
  • Provides significant productivity gains as well as all the benefits of being fully integrated in the CATIA V5 product design solution
  • Demonstrates the power and the flexibility of the V5 architecture

CATIA - Cast & Forged Part Optimizer

Provide advanced capabilities for Casting or Forging preparation to improve the productivity in the detailed design of the rough part, insuring manufacturability. Product Highlights:

  • Gives users robustness and productivity
  • Provides a new competitive usability on the market by delivering advanced functionalities dedicated to Casting and Forging processes
  • Extends CATIA portfolio to cover final design steps and contributes to the end-to-end process

CATIA - Wireframe & Surface

CATIA – Wireframe & Surface creates in-context wireframe construction elements and basic surfaces. Product Highlights:

  • Essential 3D geometric features to create wireframes and shapes
  • Wireframe and Surface Structure Editor facilitates the capture of design intent and speeds up design changes
  • Associative design in context allows concurrent work with user controlled associativity
  • Timesaving management of design modifications
  • Flexible post-design 3D parameterization

CATIA - Generative Drafting (1) & (2)

CATIA – Generative Drafting (1) generates drawings from 3D part and assembly designs. Product Highlights:

  • Associative drafting generation from sheetmetal, surfaces, hybrid parts & assembly definitions
  • Highly productive dimensions generation with user control
  • Integrated dress-up capabilities for post-generation dimensioning and annotations
  • Associative drawings with user control of propagation from 3D to support true concurrent engineering
  • BOM (Bill of Material) generation in drawing format
  • Assembly filtering capability for projected views
  • Compliance with Industry Standards such as DXF, DWG
  • Associative patterns with part materials specifications

CATIA - Interactive Drafting

CATIA – Interactive Drafting address 2D design and drawing production requirements. Product Highlights:

  • Highly productive 2D design capabilities, including dynamic sketching copilot, and variational solving
  • Definition and reuse of 2D components through management of external components catalogs
  • Easy to use, complete and integrated dimensioning capabilities
  • Comprehensive set of associative annotations, text, and dress-up on 2D views
  • Fully compliant with latest revisions of major international standards

CATIA - 3D Functional Tolerancing and Annotations (1) & (2)

CATIA – 3D Functional Tolerancing and Annotation allows you to define and manage tolerance specifications and annotations on 3D parts. Product Highlights:

  • Allows easy creation of associative 3D tolerance specifications and annotations
  • Provides a comprehensive set of associative annotations, text, flag-notes and dress-up features in 3D format
  • 3D Dimensioning in part, product and process documents
  • Display of the annotations in the 3D environment using annotation planes
  • Can easily be modified and managed through Cut, Copy, Paste, Drag & Drop 3.5D annotations
  • Totally associative to the 3D part or product
  • Mirrors the annotations to make them readable
  • Allows visualization of the annotations in other workbenches (Part Design, Assembly Design,…)
  • Functional Tolerancing and Annotation generative dimensions from CATIA – Part Design

CATIA - Structure Design

CATIA – Structure Design CATIA – Structure Design 1 (SR1) product is an application enabling to simply and quickly creates linear, curved structures, and plates, using standard or user-defined sections. Product Highlights:

  • Creation of straight, curved and twisted structure, planar and surfacic plates, using standard or user defined sections
  • Fully associative design in context functions for creation and modification of structures
  • Optimized user interface for the placement of structures
  • Assembly instantiation through user-defined template resulting in breakthrough productivity
  • Parametric catalog through design tables
  • Full modification capabilities for design changes
  • Generation of user customizable BOMs (Bills of Material)
  • Integration with CATIA Analysis products for downstream analysis

CATIA - Tooling Design

Deliver to Automotive suppliers, E & E, Consumers Goods an ideal generic Tooling Design toolset. Product Highlights:

  • Tooling Design Workbench and Contextual Menus (instance management, splitting capabilities )
  • Huge gain of productivity through Windows native User Interface for short training cycles
  • Definition of General Mechanics Components read from Catalogs and including powerful embedded Drilling capabilities
  • Definition of General Die Components such as Inserts, Sliders, Retainers, Lifter, Ejection Systems, Guiding Components
  • User Defined Components adaptable to any Die context
  • Generation of dedicated and customizable Bills of Materials (BOMs)
  • Editable Blocks of Concurrent Engineering

CATIA - Mold Tooling Design

Design of Complex Molds, together with associated drillings, in a highly productive and intuitive environment, with full associativity to the molded part and kinematics capabilities. Product Highlights:

  • Extended capabilities for the definition of Mold Bases, Sliders, Retainers, (including kinematics capabilities), Cooling Systems, Gates and Runners for Plastic Injection, and Ejection systems
  • Standard or User Defined Components ( Guiding, Locating, Fixing, Injection, Ejection..), read from Catalogs and including powerful embedded Drilling capabilities
  • Generation of dedicated and customizable Bills of Materials (BOMs) including specific attributes for Mold
  • Editable Blocks of Concurrent Engineering

CATIA - Core & Cavity Design

Create associative definitions of the core and cavity of a mold and assesses part moldability, tool feasibility and the detailed mechanical design of core and cavity plates. Product Highlights:

  • Import of Part design data (solid or surfacic) and scaling application
  • Main pulling direction definition
  • Slider Pulling Direction definition
  • Molding areas detailing

CATIA - Healing Assistant

Check the validity of imported geometry with regard to CATIA V5 modelling criteria and if necessary improve the topology and geometry of analyzed objects. Product Highlights: 

  • Checks validity of imported data with regard to V5 modeling criteria
  • Corrects or improves the topology of the analyzed objects with dedicated tools to perform join or healing
  • Corrects or improves the geometry of the analyzed objects
  • Provides global or local recognition and healing tools for an accurate and productive fixing approach

CATIA - Sheet Metal Design (1) & (2)

CATIA – Sheet Metal Design designs sheet metal parts in an intuitive and productive environment. Product Highlights:

  • Dedicated Sheet Metal feature-based modelling
  • Allows Folding / unfolding of the Sheet Metal part
  • Includes Reverse engineering from drafting
  • Concurrent engineering between unfolded and folded part representations
  • Access to company-defined bending tables
  • Dedicated drawing extraction capability includes unfolded view and user defined extraction settings
  • Compliance with industry standards such as DXF

CATIA - Sheet Metal Production

CATIA – Sheet Metal Production addresses the manufacturing preparation for sheet metal parts. Product Highlights:

  • Provides dedicated features for sheet metal manufacturing preparation
  • Transforms functional shape of a part into a manufacturable sheet metal part in order to support OEM/subcontractor sheet metal manufacturing process
  • Offers manufacturing feasibility checks
  • Provides a simple interface to external sheet metal manufacturing software
  • Highly productive and industry-oriented with Windows native User Interface for short training cycles

CATIA - Aerospace Sheet Metal Design

Designs (hydro-pressed or break-formed) sheet metal parts used in the aerospace industry. Product Highlights:

  • Associative and dedicated Sheet Metal feature-based modelling
  • Creates and manages sheet metal parts through specifications
  • Folding and unfolding capabilities
  • Concurrent engineering between the unfolded or folded part representation
  • Compute automatically 3D folded part and 2D flattened part geometry from technical specifications
  • Enables simple creation/modification of sheet metal elements through change in specifications, the update of geometry being automatic
  • Provides bend allowance computation when flattening through user-defined neutral fiber
  • Company standards and skills can be used to specify features through CATIA V5 Knowledge abilities
  • Encapsulates Feature Based Modelling and makes it available through a handy user-interface dedicated to Sheet metal for Aerospace

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