CATIA V5 Equipment and Systems Solutions provides a set of products allowing simultaneous design and integration of electrical, fluid and mechanical systems within a 3D digital mock-up while optimizing space allocation. It includes products for optimizing plant layouts, creation of circuit boards and design of structural products. These solutions enrich your product design in any industry.

Main Features

A set of Electrical products to address 2D and 3D requirements

Provides the tools needed to manage the electrical behaviour of components and their integration into the 3D digital mock-up. An interface between CATIA V5 and electrical CAD systems provides mechanical parts and assemblies with electrical behaviour in order to define electrical devices and also manage the definition of electrical wires within the digital mock-up.

An advanced common platform for all CATIA V5 Diagramming applications

A base for all diagramming applications, this is the common platform for all 2D logical schematic tools. Integrated into the rest of the CATIA V5 platform, it allows the user to define relationships between the 2D logical design and 3D allocation.

Create, manage, analyze and document Equipment and Systems

CATIA V5 provides a complete set of tools to satisfy the life cycle requirements of manufacturing plant equipment designs, tubing, piping and HVAC design.

Manages and optimizes space allocation for equipment and systems

Users can create and manage their systems pathways to ensure space reservations and allocations. Users can optimize their electrical systems routing layouts and have them automatically routed through the pathways following their functional definition.

High productivity in ship design and systems integration

The consistent and scalable nature of the CATIA V5 applications delivers unprecedented capability for large-scale projects. Specification-driven design ensures compliance with project standards; 2D logical design can drive the 3D definitions.

CATIA - Circuit Board Design 1

Create Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) in context with mechanical assemblies and provide bi-directional interface with electrical CAD systems. Product Highlights:

  • Easy creation of mechanical shapes of printed circuit boards in the context of the mechanical assembly.
  • Bi-directional interface with electrical CAD Systems based on industry standard interface (IDF) format.
  • Creation and management of electronic components catalogs.
  • Intelligent placement of components like connectors coming from catalog, constraint to its mechanical environment.

CATIA - Systems Routing

Define the path and space requirements for routed equipment and systems such as piping, tubing, HVAC ducts or cable trays. Product Highlights:

  • Creates preliminary layout for your systems to be used for later detailed systems design
  • Avoid interferences between systems in detailed design phase
  • Integrate knowledge rules to check parts manufacturability
  • Optimize the routing for all disciplines in the conceptual design

CATIA - Systems Space Reservation

Define space reservation network for electrical and fluidic systems for the purpose of early space claim and interference checking and provide the ability to define early space claim to allow interference checking at early stage of the design. Product Highlights:

  • Define space reservations for your electrical systems in an early phase in the design
  • Easy and intuitive routing capabilities to create your pathways
  • User definable lofted pathway creation
  • Full modification capabilities for design iteration

CATIA - Electrical 3D Design & Documentation

Provide machinery and consumer goods industry with a dedicated toolset for designing and documenting their electrical systems. Product Highlights:

  • Link with wiring schematics for design and documentation
  • Reduces the time and increases quality for wire harness packaging and documentation
  • Delivers an integrated end to end 3D wire harness packaging and documentation solution
  • Provides a process oriented solution for F&A and CG customers
  • Integration with Interactive Drafting 1 (ID1) and Generative Drafting for documentation purpose

CATIA - Electrical Library

Create and manage catalogs containing electrical components, and assist their placement according to electrical specifications. Product Highlights:

  • Create and manage an extended range of electrical components, harness supports and protections
  • Definition of mechanical constraints, according to the assembly of electrical components
  • Automatic and associative placement of electrical components in the 3D digital mock-up from schematic external application
  • Supports customization of electrical catalogs to create these according to company standards

CATIA - Electrical Wire Routing

Generate and manage the electrical wires within the digital mock-up according to the functional or wiring specifications. Product Highlights:

  • Generates the physical wires as the results of routing through functional definition of your electrical system
  • Data exchange with electrical functional or wiring CAD system through CAA API s or XML data format
  • Optimizing wire routing according to company design rules
  • Reports wire routing details for use in harness manufacturing

CATIA - Electrical Harness Installation

Provide powerful tools to design physical harnesses within the context of the 3D digital mock-up. Product Highlights:

  • Creates round bundle segments within the 3D mock-up in a very intuitive and productive way
  • Supports associative constraints.
  • Defines electrical connectivity between bundles, segments and electrical devices.
  • Analyzes electrical links between objects.
  • Realistic creation of branched bundle segments due to the ability of having floating branch points
  • Within harnesses, allows users to route wires according to functional definition in the context of the digital mock-up, as a result of integration with CATIA.

CATIA - Electrical Harness Flattening

Achieve flattening of Electrical Harnesses for extensive drafting production (i.e. manufacturing documentation). Product Highlights:

  • Provides automatic and complete flattening of a 3D electrical harnesses for manufacturing documentation
  • Allows users to manipulate bundle segments according to their specifications
  • Synchronizes the flattening harness model from the 3D model for accurate associativity and concurrent engineering
  • Provides Filtering Management to deal with configurations of 3D harness

CATIA - Electrical Connectivity Diagrams

Create and manage logical designs of power distributive systems and command systems using industry standard conventions, terminology, and practices. Product Highlights:

  • Optimized symbol management using the features dictionary editor
  • Report capabilities through VB macro
  • On-line diagram and cable block diagram
  • Application objects with electrical behaviours
  • 2D/3D mapping of components
  • Zone and compartment definition

CATIA - Electrical Cableway Routing

Create 3D implementation of electrical cabling systems based (optionally) on the 2D diagram of the electrical system. Product Highlights:

  • Provides tool to route easily in 3D rectangular round and oval cableways
  • 2D driven placement of 3D equipments
  • Automatic cable routing in cableways
  • Network analysis tool

CATIA - Systems Diagrams

Provide a common platform for CATIA diagram applications (Piping & Instrumentation, Tubing, Waveguide, HVAC and Electrical Cabling). Product Highlights:

  • Component placement and insertion
  • Line routing and connectivity management
  • Off sheet connector placement and management
  • Intelligent annotation creation and management
  • Intelligent diagram modification features
  • Query and analysis capabilities
  • Smart component build facility and catalog tools

CATIA - Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams

Provides a complete set of tools to create, modify, analyze and document the logical design of piping networks, equipment and their associated instrument loops. Product Highlights:

  • Enables integration between 2D P&ID diagrams and 3D detailed design to create ensure consistent designs
  • Creation and management of intelligent piping lines and associated instrumentation and control loops
  • Easy and fast definition and placement of equipment, piping and instrumentation components
  • Creation and management of intelligent annotations
  • Generation of reports based on attributes and piping line specifications (e.g., BOM)
  • Creation of intelligent objects using “smart” component build facility and catalog tools

CATIA - HVAC Diagrams 2

Provides customers with complete set of tools to create, modify, analyze, and document their HVAC Diagram designs. Product Highlights:

  • Integration between 2D diagrams and 3D detailed designs
  • Creation and management of HVAC lines
  • Placement and/or insertion of duct components
  • Line routing and connectivity management
  • Placement and management of off sheet connectors
  • Creation and management of intelligent annotations
  • Generation of object IDs based on user defined rules
  • Generation of reports (e.g. BOM)


Provide customers with comprehensive tools to create, modify, analyze, and document their HVAC 3D designs based (optionally) on 2D logical diagrams of the HVAC system. Product Highlights:

  • Enables intelligent “smart” object modelling and customization
  • Provides user- defined ID rules for objects
  • Duct line creation and management, layout route definition and management
  • Specification-driven HVAC parts creation and function-driven HVAC parts placement
  • Intelligent modification of HVAC objects and routes
  • Integrated dynamic rule triggering
  • Query and Analysis of HVAC Parts and configurations

CATIA - Piping Design

Provide 3D tools to create, modify, analyze, and document piping designs based (optionally) on specifications in 2D Piping and Instrument Diagrams. Product Highlights:

  • Enables intelligent “smart” object modelling and customization
  • Provides user defined ID rules for objects 2D/3D Integration Creation and management of intelligent piping lines
  • Generate piping layout route definitions
  • Selection of specification-driven piping parts
  • Integrated dynamic rule triggering
  • Query and analysis of piping parts and configurations
  • Drawing production customization and Isometric drawing generation

CATIA - Tubing Design

Create and manage intelligent 3D designs of tubing systems from initial design to fully integrated assemblies optionally based on the 2D diagram of the tubing system. Product Highlights:

  • Provides powerful setup, “smart” modelling, customization and user-defined ID rules for objects
  • Easily generates and manages tubing lines and tubing layout route definitions
  • Evolves preliminary layout to a detail design layout with 2D/3D integration
  • Creation of both flexible or rigid tubing parts and part placement to meet industry requirements
  • Integrated dynamic rule triggering and part modification capabilities
  • Customizable report definition & drawings to be compliant with company standards

CATIA - Tubing Diagrams

Provide customers with a complete set of tools to create, modify, analyze, and document their Tubing Diagrams designs. Product Highlights:

  • 2D-3D integration between diagrams and detailed designs to maintain consistency
  • Easy creation, placement and management of tubing lines and components.
  • Complete definition and placement of equipment and line routing, placement and management of connectors
  • BOM reports, as well as query and analysis capabilities adjustable according to your company standards

CATIA - Waveguide Design

Provide customers with complete set of tools to create, modify, analyze, and document their Waveguide 3D designs based (optionally) on a 2D diagram of the waveguide system. Product Highlights:

  • Enables intelligent “smart” waveguide modelling and customization
  • Provides user- defined ID rules for identifying waveguide parts and creating reports and drawings
  • Integrated with 2D Waveguide Diagrams supporting specification-driven waveguide parts creation
  • Function-driven waveguide parts placement
  • Starter parts catalog with samples to enable detectors, attenuators, bends & twists, and general waveguides to be built quickly

CATIA - Waveguide Diagrams

Provide customers with a complete set of tools to create, modify, analyze, and document their Wave Guide Diagrams designs. Product Highlights:

  • Creation and management of waveguide schematics
  • Line routing and connectivity management
  • Generation of waveguide component IDs based on user defined rules or project standards
  • Query and analysis of diagrams, lines and all components
  • Generation of reports based on extractions from the diagram (e.g. BOM)
  • Creation of intelligent objects using “smart” component build facility and catalog tools

CATIA - Hanger Design

Enable designers to quickly define, place, modify, analyze, and document hanger supports for piping, tubing, HVAC, cable trays, waveguides and other lineal systems in ships, process plants or complex equipment. Product Highlights:

  • User-defined ID rules for classes of objects
  • Hanger placement and management
  • Integration with 3D Cable Routing
  • Hanger modification tools and Query/Analysis tools
  • Integrated dynamic rule triggering
  • Powerful setup and parts creation tools

CATIA - Raceway & Conduit Design

Provide customers with complete set of tools to create, modify, analyze, and document 3D cable trays, conduits and raceways. Product Highlights:

  • Enables “smart” object modeling, customization and modification of raceway and conduit objects and routes.
  • Physical network connectivity management and design layout evolution.
  • Specification-driven raceway and conduit parts and line creation, layout route definition and management.
  • Provides user-defined ID rules for objects and integrated dynamic rule triggering.
  • Powerful setup and query/search tools for raceway and conduit parts and configurations

CATIA - Equipment Arrangement

Provide comprehensive tools to create, use, modify, analyze and document equipment and machinery configurations found in many manufactured products, plants and ships. Product Highlights:

  • Provides powerful setup tools and the ability to query and analyze equipment placements
  • Builds and manages intelligent representations of equipment, with productive modification capabilities
  • Enables “smart” object modeling, customization of equipment, user defined ID rules for objects and dynamic rule triggering
  • Allows placement of piping, functional and instrumentation-driven equipment on the layout
  • Easy and correct arrangement of equipment and systems from catalogs into the 3D Digital Mockup

CATIA - Structure Functional Design

Define structural design elements and materials used to build military and commercial ships. Product Highlights:

  • Provides an easy method for comparing ‘what if’ scenarios
  • Extensive modelling of any kind of shape
  • Integration with CATIA Structure Design 1 (SR1) for downstream process (route to manufacturing)
  • Integration with Generative Drafting application to support a classification drawing
  • Integrated with ENOVIA V5 Penetration Management
  • Integration with ENOVIA V5 VPM Navigator

CATIA - Ship Structure Detail Design

Detail heavy structural systems made up of assemblies of plates and stiffeners elements and provide features to resolve the design intent to prepare for the manufacturing build-up process. Product Highlights:

  • Gives user dedicated features to manage structural systems and connections
  • Provides a collection of industry-specific features to create physical plates and shapes
  • Provides productive tools to incorporate Shipyard rules and standards
  • Allows definition of project resources at project level
  • Integration with Power copies and UDF for quick instantiation of details

CATIA - Compartment & Access 2

Provide the capability to define compartments and compartment accesses and (optionally) enrich structural designs defined in Structure Design. Product Highlights:

  • Defines wall systems within a deck
  • Defines compartments and boundary surfaces within a ship
  • Places access objects such as doors, windows, stairs,
  • Defines Compartment used to organize downstream system design processes
  • Provides Drawing and Report generation capabilities

CATIA - Plant Layout

Enable designers to reserve spaces, analyze area/volume allocations and optimize the general 3D layout of plants and equipment or tooling placed in them. Product Highlights:

  • Includes an optimized user interface for easy maneuverability and layout design iteration
  • Provides an easy tool to define pathway route for preliminary space claim
  • Enables quick design changes through an extensive set of modification tools
  • Provides specialized interference detection and equipment change-out capabilities
  • Analyses area and footprint to determine resources used in each region of a plant
  • Generates customized area bills of materials

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