What is Methods Development?

In many situations, the processes and methods required to make a model of a part or scenario are self evident. But in many others, defining simulation workflows and creating a model whilst ensuring that it is both efficient and reliable is a considerable undertaking, requiring both simulation skill and experience. TECHNIA Simulation Centre of Excellence (SCoE) has a lot of experience developing workflows in challenging situations, making these an intrinsic part of customer processes.


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What can you expect from us?

Expert Consultancy

Our dedicated team of Simulation experts support your innovation with a wealth of specialist experience.

Agile Collaboration

During the consultancy, shared knowledge of your business will provide essential detail for the decision making process.

Clear Communication

We value customer-centric dialogue which focuses on the reasons, routes and results of the solutions we provide.

Flexible Resourcing

Our specialists are available to provide an upscale of resources and ensure that our joint venture turns your vision into value.

As well as applying state of the art technologies to model development, TECHNIA Simulation Centre of Excellence (SCoE) have shown that huge advantages can be achieved when automating the model build process. Scripting and templating already developed analysis workflows yield huge dividends in productivity, as well as widening the number of people able to interact with the simulation process.

"From a design office perspective, TECHNIA Simulation Centre of Excellence (formerly SSA) have always provided us with excellent technical support and consultancy. The multidisciplinary team have an unmatched wealth of knowledge and experience in all forms of CAE coupled with a friendly, approachable attitude. It has been a pleasure working with TECHNIA SCoE, and we look forward to future collaborations."
Toby Cowe, Design Lead- Technology Development, Owen Mumford Ltd

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