Thanks to a comprehensive software update, the modeling studio at WMF has continued their many years of successful modeling of top-quality design surfaces. Now, ICEM Surf utilizes the product development of the tableware manufacturer.


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One of WMF’s claims is their ability to set themselves apart by offering products that are high-quality and innovative. In line with these core values, the tableware manufacturer emphasizes the design of its products. As most customers perceive the surface and shape of a product first, WMF pays close attention to the modeling of their products surfaces – their quality, shape and overall finish. To empower its product development team, WMF implemented software solutions like ICEM Surf.


ICEM Surf is a feature within the software solution CATIA by Dassault Systèmes. However, the surface modeling tool can also be purchased and run separably – as demonstrated by WMF. For over 20 years, the ICEM Surf has been one of the leading Class-A surface modeling tools and supplements the existing CAD environment. The dynamic software adapts to the workflows of WMF to suit their specific developmental process, even with increasingly complex products.

TECHNIA’s experts made full use of their long-term partnership with WMF and Dassault Systèmes as well as their industry and technical knowledge to ensure a smooth update of ICEM Surf. In addition to supplying the latest software updates, TECHNIA shared its wide-range expertise. This expertise was imparted to the WMF design department as part of a detailed training program to enable WMF’s employees to make full use of the software investment.

In this latest update, the ICEM Surf software is expanded to include a range of new functions and features, without losing any of its tried and user-friendliness. For example, the updated software offers improved data integrity and simplifies the data exchange between the different systems used for product development, resulting in increased productivity in the design process with CAD data.


The WMF group is utilizing the powerful tool for product development for all of its brands. By tying the sharp product designs to the marketing strategy, new tableware launch successfully and gain a high degree of market acceptance.


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