Outotec is truly a pioneer in the Mobile PLM area. They are one of the first companies worldwide to implement a truly mobile ENOVIA solution.



Brings system usability to the next level

Outotec is a Finnish manufacturer of minerals and metals processing. Henri Syrjäläinen, Senior Specialist­ Engineering & PDM Applications, responsible for the ENOVIA development and support at Outotec, says: “With ENOVIA on a mobile device, we reduce the number of clicks by 50% compared to a normal computer. The mobility makes us more efficient and it brings system usability to the next level.”

­It is a much more controlled and efficient process to access product information in real time, and not wait for an Excel spreadsheet to be updated.”­

Instant access

The system works on all larger browser platforms – iOS, Windows Mobile and Android to mention a few. It went live in mid 2013. Not only does it handle sales processes, but the PLM system implemented by TECHNIA (previously TechniaTranscat) also handles manufacturing, engineering and product development, on a mobile basis. The TVCs have played an important role in making the implementation fast and the system easy to use – and enable the mobile access.

The main business value of this mobile PLM system is that it enables instant access to product data, which saves money for all parties.
“By having the right information at the right time, Outotec can make sure that customers are served with up-to-date information,” continues Syrjäläinen. Shorter delivery times The TVC Structure Browser, File Manager, Graphic Reporting and Grid Browser are part of the implementation at Outotec, accessed by the desktop interface as well as through the TVC Mobile Access.

In the end it leads to shorter delivery times and higher value for our customer’s investments

“In early 2000, when the TVCs were born, we started a journey to deliver what our customers needed to become successful in their implementations. Today, this is an important part of TECHNIA’s global expansion, and we are still developing in the right direction based on the increased demand we see worldwide for the TVCs. In the end it leads to shorter delivery times and higher value for our customer’s investments.” says Johan Lindström, Director of International Sales at TECHNIA.

Minimizing the risk for costly errors

Another important feature of the TVC Mobile Access implementation at Outotec is that machinery maintenance can be monitored, and if there is a problem with a component, it will be directly entered into the PLM system. This saves a lot of costs by minimizing the risk for costly errors and significantly reduces the time spent on reporting issues,

Outotec in brief

Outotec is a worldwide technology leader in minerals and metals processing with 4,000 employees in 24 countries. The company’s mission is the sustainable use of natural resources and it provides environmentally sound solutions and services for the minerals, metals, energy, and water treatment industries. The company, listed on the NASDAQ OMXHelsinki, Finland stock exchange, was established in 2006 when it was divested from Outokumpu. Today, half of the world’s copper is produced with Outotec® Flash Smelting technology and a third of the world’s sulphuric acid capacity runs on Outotec technology. Outotec has approximately 40 product lines encompassing 500 different products.

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