The globalisation of engineering activities often involving design offices spread over various countries and multiple suppliers is a key factor in the quest to improve quality and reduce costs during development of new products.

Large amounts of product information and CAD data is being exchanged between people speaking different languages from different regions, countries and cultures. In order to properly orchestrate these exchanges and ensure protection of intellectual property, regulated collaboration and communication processes have to be put in place.

In order to optimise a companies’ competitiveness its essential that these collaboration processes for new design and engineering technologies also have then to be taken into account and implemented without drastically modifying existing design processes.

Many have experienced the implementation of new engineering processes, which had deep impacts on designers’ activities and required a long and costly transition phase. The ENOVIA Mechanical Designer for CATIA experience from Dassault Systemes provides solutions to define and optimse design collaboration processes between dispersed CATIA V5 design offices, and enables authorised access for other (non-CAD) stakeholders across the company to design data information. ENOVIA helps companies create value by leveraging their existing CATIA V5 design environment, while preparing for the transition from CATIA V5 to CATIA V6 at the optimum time.

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