It’s an annoyance story that used to be replayed as marketing professionals bemoaned how advertising used previous purchase data to target offers. You may know the story; Guy walks into a bar and orders a Coke. Next time and the next time, and on and on when he walks in the bar person asks ‘Would you like a Coke?’

Would you like a coke?

But let me think, this was over twenty years ago. With Big Data, IoT and the proliferation of smart phones, tablets and wearable tech, we must have moved on from ‘Would you like a Coke?’

Seems not

Like a good connected person I keep up to date with my emails and social media every day, well almost every day, such are the pressures of being an iPad owner. I love the convenience of shopping on line. Not for everything but at least several purchases a month, just can’t help myself. So where are all the additional experiences I was expecting?

Have we really moved on yet? I still get bombarded with emails from venders where I have bought one product. Even the mighty Amazon, with whom I’ve been shopping since they just sold books, keeps on offering me the same products that I have purchased. So how many pizza paddles can you use in your bread oven? Do pizza paddles have a shelf life? Is there going to be a worldwide pizza paddle shortage that I need to prepare for?

The challenge

As this is a blog, one of those new things us ‘old uns’ aren’t supposed to know about, why not let me know what you think?

I still think that if you trust permission marketing, profile and segment your suspects/prospects and hit them with enough messages at least one will hit home at the right time and generate a sale. Tell me if I’m wrong.

No doubt there is infinitely more data around now than ever before; about our companies, about us, heck my Fitbit won’t sink to my phone without an internet connection. So how do you link the massive about of product data and information you hold in your business to the wants and desires of your customers?