Right now, the TechniaTranscat & Intrinsys family is at an important crossroads of our own. In recent years, we’ve brought together some of the best brains in the business, but having so many names in the mix was getting kind of confusing.

Now we’re ready to rebrand ourselves under a single name that encompasses everyone. As of January 2019, we’re simplifying things by unifying all these different names under a single one: TECHNIA.

In this blog post, we’ll explain the journey that led us to this point, what it means for our customers around the world and why we’re so excited about the change.


How We Got Here

Each of the companies brought together under the new name has an incredibly rich, proud history at the vanguard of technological development.

Transcat’s history stretches right back to 1986 and spans amazing partnerships with, among others, EDAG, Ford, hansgrohe, Metabo, Daimler and Dassault Systèmes. TECHNIA began in 1994 before merging with Addnode in 2002. When the two powerhouses joined together in 2015, TECHNIA Transcat was catapulted into the position of number one PLM group in the world.

In 2017, Intrinsys joined the group, having been founded in 2001 and partnering with Integral Powertrain and Dassault Systèmes along the way. Today, the combined clout and expertise makes the group truly impressive. All we need is a solid, shared identity that reflects our unity.

What’s Changed?

While we feel the rebrand is important from an identity point of view, our combined set of customers don’t need to worry – they won’t need to do anything different at all. They can already tap into the complete portfolio of products that these once-disparate companies brought to the table. Our name’s getting smaller, but our offering isn’t!

If you already work with us, your points of contact will remain the same. You’ll still have access to all the awesome technical expertise, commercial teams and business tools you’ve come to know and love. From that perspective, nothing will change.

That said, the rebrand reflects the fact that we’re a truly global company that’s going from strength to strength. And that’s great news for our customers.

What Does This Mean for You?

The companies we work with are as global as we are. They’re spread across many different sites, all around the world. We have businesses and departments operating in all these places too – and we want to make it clear that cohesive, comprehensive support is on hand whenever they need it.

The mergers you’ve seen over the past few years have given us a much broader, deeper set of skills. Now that we’re one company, our customers will be able to access this entire network from wherever they are.

It’s essential that our customers know that, despite our different histories, we are one team, straddling continents to work together in pursuit of the same goal: to create the best experience and provide the best PLM technology to our customers.

Now, that team has a name. Its name is TECHNIA, where EXPERIENCE MATTERS