Extracting Offline LUM License(s)

The aim is to be able to checkout and extract a license from the license server onto the client machine.

Note: This is only for CATIA licenses


1. Copy & Paste the following link into your Internet Browser: ftp://ftp-ip.com/CATIA/i4_offline_mig_13.zip

username: [email protected]
password: download_1234

2. Download i4_offline_mig_13.zip and zip it

3. Stop license service (all users will lose licenses currently being used)

LUM Concurrent Licences Not Releasing



4.  You need to run the i4_offline_mig.exe on the server:  C:\IFOR\WIN\BIN\i4_offline_mig.exe (assume this is where it is installed to, verify on your machine too)

Extract License From Server Set up 2

5. Start licence server service back up

LUM Concurrent Licences Not Releasing 4



6. On each of the CATIA licenses under “Concurrent” tab > RMB > Authorisations, you should be able to change the settings to All Concurrent Allowed.

Notice the icon has changed… Extract License From Server Setup 4

Extract License From Server Setup 5

Extract License From Server Setup 6

7. In CATIA nodelock key management tool, extract the license

Extract License From Server Setup 7

For further information or support, please contact [email protected] or submit a support ticket.