Tuesday, November 05, 2019 (60 mins)
9am EST (NA) / 2pm GMT (UK) / 3pm CET (EU)

After recognizing that a transformation is needed, the next step is to realize it. Join our Life Sciences experts as they team up with Xtalks to discuss how to select and implement a Product Innovation Platform for PLM in a Life Sciences company.

About the webinar

When a company is growing, leaders across R&D, marketing, quality, regulatory, manufacturing and IT may begin to experience challenges that affect their ability to bring new products to market quickly. This is even more challenging for life science companies that operate under a strict regulatory and compliance-driven environment.

In such a situation, business leaders may realize that a transformation is needed in business processes and systems in the area of product innovation, development and data management. This change not only needs a system that can enable cross-functional collaboration, but a system that can review current processes and ways of working.

Transformation requires a streamlined and harmonized process across the product lifecycle that can help and support respective department users to keep up with company goals. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is often defined as a combination of a Product Innovation Platform (PIP) and these streamlined processes.

After recognizing that such a transformation is needed, the next step is to realize it. In a global and multi-disciplinary product company with cross-functional teams, there is not always a straight forward path towards a truly global and long-term PLM solution.

In this free webinar, featured speakers will provide an overview of what steps need to be taken to make it happen. They will also discuss what needs to be considered when selecting such a solution to best suit a company’s business and vision.

What will you learn?

  • How to start and execute the process of selecting the right PLM solution
  • What to consider when evaluating the platform and vendors

Who should attend?

This webinar will appeal to individuals with the following or related job titles:

  • Head of Research & Development
  • Head of Quality responsible for product compliance 
  • Head of Regulatory responsible for product registration and launch
  • Head of Marketing and Product Managers
  • Head of IT responsible for roll-out and support of business platforms


Prabhu Salimath
Solution Architecture, Business Consulting, Project Management
Daniel Lennwald
Sales Executive Medical Devices