Evolution within the Automotive Industry Webinar

This Webinar will provide you with essential information about the challenges and upcoming trends within the Automotive Industry. Expert guidance from one of our TECHNIA Business Consultant Jamie Goodale and our Global partner (High-Tech Expert), Louis Feinstein from Dassault Systèmes.


  • Welcome
  • High Tech´s Impact on Transportation & Mobility
  • New High Tech systems, New technological challenges
  • From REQUIREMENTS to FUNCTIONAL, to LOGICAL and all the way to the PHYSICAL view of an object
  • Automotive Electronics Company Challenges & Objectives – Business drivers & Customer Objectives
  • Next Generation of Automotive Design will start in Silicon
  • Q&A

Challenges in the Transportation & Mobility Industry!

OEMs and suppliers alike need to deliver cutting edge innovation while carefully managing cost and targeting zero defects.
At the same time, consumers want attractive and user-friendly vehicles that also incorporate advanced safety features.
For many automotive companies, PLM represents the means of bringing this all together in a user-friendly, efficient and secure manner.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is an information management system that helps customers improve productivity, enhance service/product quality, strengthen stakeholder relationships, resolve challenges and realize opportunities. In a competitive and constantly changing business world, technological advances and an uncertain economy mean that businesses are having to be as efficient and productive as possible in order to remain ahead. PLM provides businesses of all sizes with that opportunity.

Why PLM?

Companies that get PLM right uncover profit-driving advantages that go far beyond product development. PLM has proven its value for many TECHNIA customers, showing that ROI potential is offering a real business benefit.

Join us for our Evolution within the Automotive Industry Webinar.