Having multiple vault sets will allow SmarTeam to function more efficiently during file operations, especially when the vaults contain a large number of files. This is a guide showing how to add additional SmarTeam vaults as required.


1) Log into Windows Server with SmarTeam vault service with Administrator credentials

2) Log into SmarTeam using login with administration rights

3) Make sure all users are not using SmarTeam before performing adding new vault sets


1) Go to SmarTeam vaults location e.g. c:\SmVaults (root drive may be different)

    – Create new folders for required new vault sets
    – Create as required (Checked In XX, Obsolete XX, Released XX…etc)

smarteam new vault sets

2) Go onto SmarTeam Application Server      – Load up SmarTeam Admin Console

3) Log in as a user with SmarTeam administrator rights – Vault Management > Vault Setup

4) Right click on Vault Root > New Vault

smarteam new vault sets

5) Type Vault Name and Vault Directory then click OK

smarteam new vault sets

6) New vault has been added

smarteam new vault sets

NOTE: Repeat as required for other new vaults

7) Restart SmarTeam Services

    – Click start, in the search bar type “services.msc” then press Enter or select from the list

smarteam new vault sets

8) Sort the list by ‘Name‘ in order to show names alphabetically


9) In SmarTeam – Editor logged in as user with admin credentials – Tools > Vault Maintenance

smarteam new vault sets

10) Select vault required to change and click Modify

smarteam new vault sets

11) Select Vault Name and click OK

smarteam new vault sets

NOTE: Repeat as required with other new vaults

12) Test vault using Vault Tester in Admin Console

smarteam new vault sets

13) Log into SmarTeam as a normal user and perform the following tests:

      – Create new profile card and add document
      – Check in document
      – Check out document
      – Release document
      – Perform a copy file on the document

The files should now be moving into the new vault sets specified.