Leading PLM software like CATIA and ENOVIA come packed with a host of standard features that meet the biggest needs of most businesses. But every company has its own unique processes, and sometimes customized solutions can help further boost productivity for an individual manufacturer.

All individual needs aren’t always met by out-of-the-box solutions.

That’s why our Research & Development department includes a dedicated team of more than 35 developers who specialize in custom specific projects for CATIA alone.

By working closely with our customers, we can help identify solutions to individual problems – and create the software that automatically implements them.

Whether it’s a smaller issue, like generating automatic Powerpoint presentations for certain data. Or bigger problems involving complex calculations, like the overlapping of door seals in a car. Or even ray tracing for light simulation – we have the expertise and equipment to give customers what they want.

Get the full picture of what PLM software can do

Our applications allow you to bring your own processes into CATIA and ENOVIA, making sure we are the only PLM service provider you need. We have years of experience working with the software from Dassault Systèmes, and can give you the full picture of what is possible to accomplish with the suites we offer.

Many companies are already taking advantage of these possibilities.

Some of Germany’s top automotive companies are using customized CATIA applications to calculate complex processes for how to put together certain car parts.

And if we find that the requested solution could serve a broader market, we can even turn it into a standard product. For example, our collaboration with the German car manufacturers resulted in the CAVA software for Automotive Extensions.

By turning a customized application into a standard product, even the original client benefits by saving money in the long term.

Understand the process

None of this is possible without a partner who truly understands your needs. A close collaboration is necessary to make sure that the finished application actually meets the exact specifications of the request.

We have developed applications for CATIA for more than 20 years, meaning our developers have a full understanding of both the software and the customization process and we can help customers from all around the world.

Our customers speak directly to our developers, eliminating the risk for misunderstandings and making sure you get the exact solution you asked for.

For TECHNIA (formally TechniaTranscat), this is about creating meaningful long-term partnerships with our clients. Only a company that understands your processes can create the applications to make them more efficient.