Honda’s R&D Centre, Tochigi, strives to fulfil its social responsibilities as an Automaker while developing innovative automobiles that bring joy to the customer.

“Technically, it would have been possible to implement what we wanted with a full customisation, but we had concerns about low compatibility and development cost.”
– Tomoya Isome, PLM Development Project Leader, Honda.

In a mature company, like Honda, processes and working styles grow with the business. Often, a fresh perspective is the best way to discern key knowledge and processes from potentially unnecessary systems.

Fortunately, with “respect for the individual” and the “joy of creating” as their core values, Honda’s determination to listen to its users supports them in providing productive and creative environments.


When a new system comes into play, there will be a period of adoption to new working styles.

Honda needed to bring many domains together, to unify workflows and merge many systems. During this period, Honda found that the new interface came with a learning curve that was hindering their users’ productivity.

Initial confusion within a new system led to Honda’s plans to maintain users’ working styles by providing a smart User Interface (UI) for file management. Their first efforts to achieve this target were less successful than desired and required new customised views to enhance the platform.


Honda chose TECHNIA Software and Services – Experience Packaged – to increase overall flexibility, upgradability and productivity in-sync with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Structure Browser and File Manager offer drag-and-drop capabilities, quick check-in processes and workflows that were used to create individual and streamlined user interfaces for managing files.

A UI designed using Structure Browser now offers an efficient way of working with large structures for Honda’s vehicle specification management.

TECHNIA Software and Services provided Honda with the ability to present applications in a way that users were already familiar with. This meant that they could make use of the new platform with implementations upgradable in-line with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.


TECHNIA Software and Services decreased implementation time and improved the speed of previously customised views by 80%.

This working progression ensured the improvement of the pre-existing implementation and levelled a steep learning curve on a new system by integrating existing key knowledge and processes.

“TECHNIA has excellent experience and knowledge. They were sensitive to customer needs and have been transparent with project management and in technical discussions. It’s been comfortable.”

– Tomoya Isome, PLM Development Project Leader, HONDA.