What’s New in 3DEXPERIENCE R2021x?

3DEXPERIENCE public cloud is now active on R2021x - a version Dassault Systèmes describe as a "New Compass Experience"

If you’re using 3DEXPERIENCE public cloud, you’ve probably already noticed that you’re required to install updates to your CAD software integrations or Native client. But, there are two major changes that we’ll go into here.

A New Compass Experience

The familiar compass now lists all of your apps in one place, rather than dividing apps into quadrants.  The gear icon in the top left now allows you to switch the apps list to a more compact view. And the app search on the top right allows you to find the app you need if you have a lengthy list. As before, we recommend dragging and dropping apps into your favourites for easy of use.


As for the extra icons at the top, you’ll want to be in the “Me” icon with “As a System of Operations” selected 95% of the time since this gives you access to your full apps list. The “Company” section gives you a breakdown of all roles your company has access to, rather than just yourself, so this is where the license request function now resides.


While the “World” section goes beyond that and has a series of videos and links that detail what the 3DEXPERIENCE platform can do besides providing your existing roles.


Finally, the “As a Businesss Model” details the three 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace Services.


Other than that, the app names are all the same when you use them, although some role names have been updated.

Licensing Updates

This update doesn’t take effect immediately but will become relevant for renewal of licenses.

Dassault Systèmes have made various updates and simplifications to the licensing model for Cloud users, meaning that some packages will need to migrate to the newer style. The exact details of this will vary from site to site, but your current licenses will continue to work as expected until this renewal happens.

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