3 Things We Learned at the TECHNIA PLM Innovation Forum 2018

PLM Innovation Forum 2018 was taken place this October. For those of you who couldn’t be there, here are our top three takeaways from the event.

PML Innovation Forum Insights: The Data-centric World Will Make Your Life Easier

Information is the core of most businesses nowadays. But the way we interact with data is changing drastically. We’re moving from a document-driven, to a data-centric world.

Message from the Innovation Forum: Rethink and Reinvent

It started out much like a rock concert with Technia's CEO Jonas Gejer running up on stage and into the spotlight to heavy base and drum music while pictures of the event’s speakers flashed on the walls. “Welcome to the…

PLM Innovation Forum Insights: There is Hope for the Construction Industry

In one industry after another, cost of production keeps going down, thanks to new technology. Yet, there is one notable exception: the construction industry.

Petra Sundström, Husqvarna: With IoT, don’t adopt a strategy of wait and see

"IoT is a technology that will completely transform our industry." This bold prediction was made by Petra Sundström, Senior Project Manager of the Internet of Things project of the Husqvarna Group, an international leader in construction, forestry, consumer gardening as…

How PLM Changed the Charter Travel Business

Jessica Enbacka, Information Technology Director at the charter travel company TUI Nordic, said that PLM has enabled her company to personalize travel products down to minute details and made it easier to create new products.

Jula: “We want to drive faster”- PLM as a Tool for Expansion

Jula, a multi-billion kronor Swedish do-it-yourself retailer, was so bogged down in complicated documentation procedures that they were hindering company growth.  The company has almost 14,000 products and thousands of specific product details for different countries. It was becoming exceedingly…