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Real-time Supply Chain Data Management

The recently released collaboration solution for B2B partners (“B2B partner collaboration solution”), Exchange Hub, is another answer to something customers actively enquire about. In this case, a flexible cloud first solution.

This new solution is a typical reflection of the culture within TECHNIA: the company is sensitive and responsive to customer requirements.

Today’s IT system users are not interested in monolithic platforms. They want systems that can handle all data smoothly, regardless of which “brand” or format the system is marked with. Here, TECHNIA’s Product Manager, James Goodale, asserts that such a platform, Exchange Hub, is precisely what TECHNIA have developed. This meets these requirements and provides secure and affordable real-time management related to the supply chain.

The solution can be used stand-alone or integrated in an existing system, for example, PLM. Everything in SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) form.

“Exchange Hub streamlines business operations in real time, regardless of data volume, sources, systems or formats. It’s one of TECHNIA Software’s tools which help to integrate Dassault Systemes’ products with customers’ existing and ever-expanding ecosystems. These tools are deployed if and only if the out-of-the-box solutions do not match customer requirements and aspirations.”

James Goodale
Product Manager | TECHNIA

The new program from TECHNIA addresses security, licensing, usability, communication and time management issues that may arise when enterprises, OEMs, or suppliers have to share data between multiple systems.

Finding smooth flows in diversified software landscapes is one of the most common challenges in business. Not only internally, but also in external contexts. Distributed teams and projects with more and more stakeholders and suppliers in both product development and manufacturing are a growing reality. It’s from this perspective that TECHNIA’s new hub fulfils an interesting function.

Locally, in the Cloud, or in Hybrid Form

Exchange Hub delivers a collaborative solution for partners that can manage data integration of enterprise systems, whether locally, on the cloud, or a hybrid platform.

“A few years ago, we took up the challenge of managing diversified systems at our customers. Based on their input, we then went on to create a solution that could meet their most challenging needs. They needed tools that could streamline partner collaboration, while ensuring that the latest and most relevant data would be available to their partners. We also knew that both IP security and process control are keys to increasing customers’ project successes and cutting time to market for the products they produce. Today, we at TECHNIA are very happy that Exchange Hub is now made available to our customers.”

James Goodale
Product Manager | TECHNIA

What Are the Benefits of TECHNIA Exchange Hub?

In terms of capabilities, Goodale points to the following benefits of the new hub:

  • It makes it easy to collaborate and share data within the framework of an ecosystem that connects your company with stakeholders.
  • You can exchange data securely with the help of structured storage, without losing data integrity.
  • You can connect your digital community to an ever-growing market.
  • Track live status performance for all changes, anomalies, and issues.
  • Reduce costs, eliminate paperwork and improve supplier relationships.

“I believe that TECHNIA is truly unique in that we work so closely with our customers and that in this we become an extension of their team. In this way, we can better identify their needs and develop new solutions to meet these challenges. TECHNIA Exchange Hub is one such example, as part of the Experience Packaged portfolio.”

Magnus Falkman
Chief Executive Officer | TECHNIA

Discover How to Improve Your Supply Chain Data Management

TECHNIA Exchange Hub is a simple, integrated hub connecting global stakeholders across the entire value chain.

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