Speaking at the TECHNIA PLM Innovation Forum, Magnus Sigurd, Jula’s Business Development Director said, “We had to do something. We defined our needs, and eventually saw that PLM and TECHNIA could help us.” They started working together near the end of 2014.

How were you coping before you started the transition to PLM?

“We are a fast-growing family company. It is one thing when you have 30 people in the office. You can always ask somebody for a document. It is a totally different story when there are more than 200 and the number of products keeps increasing.”

“We have been working with Excel documents. We have 10-15 for each product. They need to be updated and accessible. In the end, we were overwhelmed by Excel work.”

The volume of documentation has risen in recent years as Jula has opened new stores, started in new countries, and increased product range, while the demands for sustainable production and traceability have added more demands on documentation.

What does PLM do?

“PLM provides us with one source of information and a structure that forms the base for processes and automation. We want this work to be straightforward and simple. Time to market is very important to us. We want to be able to drive faster.” Less than one year after signing with TECHNIA, Jula is scheduled to have replaced most Excel documentation with PLM.

Have you calculated an ROI on your PLM investment?

“We’ve thought about that, but it’s hard to measure the improvements only in terms of money. We get structure, processes, scalability, and less frustration. We knew we had to do this to handle future growth. Judging from what I’ve seen so far and from my gut feeling, this is a very positive development.”

About JULA

Jula, a family company founded in 1979, has become one of Sweden’s fastest growing companies. Turnover doubled between 2009 and 2014 to 5.4 billion kronor, and stores have been opened in Norway and Poland.

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