Does the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform beat BREXIT?


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The media like throwing logs on the fire of a good story and the supposed uncertainty of business life after BREXIT will become enflamed as more logs than most are thrown at as we, yes you and me, work our way through the next couple of years.

UK Intelligent Engineering Forum

Just the other week I was at the UK Intelligent Engineering Forum (which I had the dubious pleasure of organising), with more than a few friends, colleagues and partners. One of the headline speakers was Peter Hawkins of HMD Global. Now if you don’t know HMD Global, these are the guys that have brought back the Nokia 3310 (for all you ‘Snake’ junkies), they are the home of the Nokia brand and are the force behind the all new Nokia 6.  HMD Global are part of Foxconn, the world’s leading contract electronics manufacturer.

Peter is a ‘Master Surfacer’; a ‘Black Belt’ in surfacing as some might see it, and he leads a global team of elite designers.  His presentation was an insight into how HMD Global were able to use the disruptive power of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, from Dassault Systèmes to design in a structured and repeatable way to deliver the new range of Nokia phones in record time.

Template for Disruption

Peter’s key measure of success is his ability to design the highest quality surfaces using this structured and repeatable method. Just imagine how painful it could be meeting that goal within a localised team of designers and developers, then multiplying it several times within a team made up of several groups working across the world. Meanwhile the business goal is to put Nokia, the iconic mobile phone market leader of just a few years ago, back into the pockets of a new generation of technology, function and aesthetic beauty connoisseurs.

Peter and HMD global were able to nail their goals by selecting the perfect bundle of applications on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, and deliver them in a consistent and unified way on the cloud to a disperse, follow the sun team located from China to the UK.

Not only did this crush the resource issue; which you might believe BREXIT is due to deliver, with collaboration and follow the sun activity on a global scale, it delivered massive time to market benefits. What company wouldn’t be happy with that?

The woe that is BREXIT! Really?

It’s becoming clear, if clarity is something that is important to you, that the world’s not going to end for the UK post BREXIT, and why should it?  We live and work in the UK because we like it.  Talented engineers will still migrate to the UK because it’s a great place to explore their potential.  Not just earning potential but their potential as innovative and hardworking engineers, their potential as a human being and key contributor to the greater scheme of things.

And, even if the worst possible resource scarcity materialized as a result of BREXIT, HMD Global’s example of a single platform facilitating global resources would be a great solution.

The point is, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is more than a resource management tool. It sharpens your business with a flexibility and degree of governance never imagined before, but one that is already in use with some remarkable companies.

Having a global platform doesn’t just give you an option for resources post BREXIT, it opens doors to an innovative and disruptive strategy for business growth.

So yes, explore and invest in the platform now if you fear resource issues in the near future, but don’t be blinkered from the greater opportunity and potential to re-invent your business, or even your industry, ahead of your current and future competition, wherever they come from.

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