Changes in Aerospace Development Process Trends


Working in Teams

In addition to knowledge management, collaboration is another key aspect of today’s engineering world. Due to the aforementioned more complex and diverse engineering projects, the classic waterfall type of information flow is inadequate to successfully complete design projects within ever stricter time and resource constraints.

Engineers need to be updated with the latest state of design as soon as possible, preferably in real time instead of waiting for colleagues to release designs before they start their own work. As a result modern CAD systems are transitioning from “just” being a modelling tool to complete PLM solutions and collaborative environments.

Easy Collaboration

A typical example is the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform which is designed to bring the classic functionality of established engineering software products, and enable engineers to work on the designs simultaneously.

3DEXPERIENCE Platform Applications

Here at TECHNIA we understand the benefits of utilising the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform for meeting project objectives, managing costs and achieving critical deadlines. Our research and development of new processes allows us to identify new products and practises before we apply it to developing and providing mission critical projects and hands-on support to our world-class customers in the Automotive, Aerospace, Formula 1, Marine, Oil/Gas and Industrial Equipment sectors. This has resulted in TECHNIA achieving our status as the leading Dassault Systèmes partner within the UK and South Africa. Our dedicated engineering team are a real driving force of our success with a wide range of PLM design, analysis and manufacturing skills which complement their software and IT competences.

Aerospace Industry

With over five years’ experience in design and analysis to complement his degree in Aircraft Design from Cranfield University and a PhD, David Sziroczak is one of our dedicated engineers at TECHNIA. With a key focus on aerospace development, David Sziroczak along with two researchers from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics developed an academic paper highlighting the changes in aerospace development process trends. The academic paper pinpoints factors affecting Aerospace vehicle design such as PLM solutions, Development/Knowledge Management and more.

You can view the in-depth paper by following the download button below.

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Gy. Bicsák, D. Sziroczák & D. Rohács

Budapest University of Technoogu and Economics, Department of Aeronautical, Naval Architecture and Railway Vehicles, 3. Müegyetem rkp. Budapest, H-1111, Hungary.

Intrinsys ltd., Brunleys, Kiln Farm, Milton Keynes, MK11 3EW, United Kingdom

David Sziroczak
Principal Engineer