CATIA V6 has been released, and the improvements are significant. It offers users greater collaboration throughout the supply chain, as well as increased security of designs.

For those companies without incumbent PLM infrastructure, CATIA V6 is by far the best system on the market. However, those of us that can still remember the move from V4 to V5 of CATIA, will no doubt be feeling a little uneasy as the industry starts it’s move over to this latest release.

We get to the heart of the matter.

V6 clearly offers key benefits for its users. For example, a streamlined document sharing process. If you rely upon designs and documents from other parties within the supply chain, V6 ensures you will only access the latest designs to work from, minimising any time lost from working on outdated documents. This collaboration facility also means that the transfer of documents is more fluid and highly secure.

Another key benefit is the integration of CATIA V6 with other Dassault Systemes software. This latest version works on the same platform as the other software in the Dassault portfolio, allowing it to work seamlessly with 3DVIA, ENOVIA, DELMIA and SIMULIA.

Dassault has also improved the user interface with V6, they are aiming for a much more ‘lifelike experience’. One of the other key enhancements is the 3D sketch capability, allowing designers to sketch in 3D and also to turn 2D ideas into 3D reality.

So from a purely sales perspective, V6 is not only the best that Dassault has ever produced, but arguably, the best available on the market today. Many of you though, are not in a greenfield situation, and will already be working with V5. This latest release will therefore mean a transition in software, and more than likely, a dual working environment for a significant time period, whilst the OEMs choose when, or indeed whether to move over to V6.

Dassault Aviation are fully up and running with V6, whilst Renault is running a pilot project, and Jaguar Land Rover have started to implement the early stages of the transition. However, many OEMs have still not committed to V6, such as Airbus, BAE and Honda, so if you are supplying several OEMs, then I am sure you will be wondering how the changeover period will affect your business.

Why not give us a call, we would be happy to discuss the implications with you, and hopefully put your mind at ease.