CATIA V5: Generating a CATPart from a CATProduct


It may be necessary for a CAD user to create a single part from an assembly of multiple parts. Most commonly this is done when analysing an assembly using other software. Each part within the assembly is converted into its own Body within the single part, thus each part being identifiable within the part. It’s not all good news; the tool which allows users to generate a CATPart from a CATProduct is licence dependant. Those of you using the PLM Express configuration may find that having the basic CAT licence is insufficient. To enable this feature, the PLM Express configuration must have the Mechanical Product Creation (MCE) add on product as a minimum requirement.

For those of you unable to find the tool, found under Tools in the Assembly Design workbench, please leave a comment below stating the CATIA release installed and licence type available. For everyone else, watch the video below to see how it is done!

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Amit Patel
Technical Specialist