CATIA V5: Comparison of Old and New Versions of Model Geometry


In the DMU Space Analysis workbench, it is possible to visually and geometrically compare old and new versions of the same model.

This can be really useful for determining how the geometry of a model has changed; for example, in the situation where a newer version of CATIA file is supplied from a customer but with no specific details of what has changed.

Instead of having to methodically review the model and check each feature, it is far easier and more robust to use the DMU Space Analysis capabilities.

With the Compare Products feature within the DMU Space Analysis workbench, the two different versions of the model can be compared visually (by highlighting the differences on-screen) or geometrically (by also highlighting differences on-screen, but following a detailed calculation and enabling the geometry to be saved out as a 3Dmap file).

It is possible to vary the accuracy with which the comparison is performed, depending on the level of detail required, and the results are then displayed in a window as shown below:

Refer to the following video for a brief overview of how to use the Compare Products feature within the DMU Space Analysis workbench:

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Dave Thomas and Andrew Early