From Fashion-by-hand to PLM Apparel – A Witness to Textiles’ Digitization

TECHNIA Senior Business Consultant Birgitta Fordyce reflects on how fashion production has evolved from faxed designs to integrated IT.

Why Your Business Needs to Embrace Digital Transformation

Why your business needs to embrace digital transformation, and how digital twinning saved NASA from a multimillion-dollar disaster.

Common Misconceptions Around Cloud Security

Have your feet on the ground while your business is in the cloud.

7 Reasons to Move Your PLM to the Cloud

7 reasons to move your PLM to the cloud, and why cloud PLM will fundamentally change the manufacturing landscape.

Ones to Watch: Top Trends for PLM in 2019

If you’re yet to embark on your digital transformation, now is the time to make this your priority.

The Industrial Equipment Industry now Focuses on Services, not Products.

Even if you’ve never been on a London bus, you’d recognise one if you saw one. The bright red double-deckers have evolved since the days of the original Routemasters, but they’re still an iconic part of the London cityscape. There…

Top Trends in Electric Vehicle Design (and how to Implement Them)

When Henry Ford created the Ford Motor Company in 1903, few people could afford cars. They were expensive to make, expensive to repair and complicated to run. It looked like cars would remain the playthings of a privileged few.

What the Space Race Taught us about Product Lifecycle Management

Here’s the thing: no one cares who came second in a race. To make history, you have to nail it... and you have to nail it first. For companies developing new products, this is a crucial lesson. Let’s delve into…

Keeping up with Changing Customer Behavior

In just a few years, the Consumer & Retail industry has undergone nothing short of a paradigm shift. At the same time as e-commerce groups like Amazon continue to eat up the market share of the more traditional retailers –…

The One Question Every Business Leader Must Ask About Industry 4.0

I like to find out about new things. At 56 I still work in an interesting company, two in fact, and still find technology fascinating.  I love looking forward and assessing innovation, getting under the skin of the next ‘big…

Embrace Failure to Find Your Intelligent Engineering Advantage

May 19, 2016 Necessity is the mother of all invention In product design it is widely accepted that you learn more through failure. Generally this is because on balance we spend more time on the failing part of a project…

Experience the Best – Any Process, Any Industry

Every market sector has its top performers. By understanding how they operate and what they are doing that works, you can modify your own efforts to get closer or jump ahead.

Be the Change Before it Changes You

The ability to swiftly process information and embrace change is considered to be the greatest make-or-break in today’s cut-throat business climate. This is why TechniaTranscat has made these processes the heart of its business, ensuring companies in any industry a…

Combining Industrial IoT and AI: Give Machines More IQ

Augment your machines with artificial intelligence (AI) and sell a production performance improvement community to your customers. New business models are enabled by industrial IoT, making machines smarter and augmenting the knowledge of operators.

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IoT: Digital Trends in Manufacturing

Download your copy of this white paper and learn more about how IoT can help your company.

Breaking down the barriers to Enterprise PLM with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform

An article for business leaders seeking to master the Digital Transformation of their business with Enterprise PLM from TECHNIA.

Trends in Software Consultancy: PLM Usage and Demand Boosts Results

As the demand for PLM-solution increases, increases and differs the demand for technology consultancy. This continuing trend enabled Addnode Group to increase its annual revenues in 2017. By establishing a unified and strong brand TECHNIA though acquisitions, Addnode is one…

PML Innovation Forum Insights: The Data-centric World Will Make Your Life Easier

Information is the core of most businesses nowadays. But the way we interact with data is changing drastically. We’re moving from a document-driven, to a data-centric world.

Strictly Come Engineering – the Modern Partnership

If you are working in a modern engineering business using the latest tools, cracking the impossible problems and delivering market leading products and services then you’ll be familiar with the latest technologies designed to optimize your engineering.

PLM Magazine 2017 – Online Version

Read the latest issue of PLM Magazine right here in your browser, if you prefer you can also download the magazine as a PDF.

How Will You Find Your Unique Advantage in Big Data?

Take Advantage of all that Big Data Since the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the exponential growth of items producing data, discussions and thoughts of how organisations will adapt to locate their advantage in a future characterised…

Message from the Innovation Forum: Rethink and Reinvent

It started out much like a rock concert with Technia's CEO Jonas Gejer running up on stage and into the spotlight to heavy base and drum music while pictures of the event’s speakers flashed on the walls. “Welcome to the…

PLM Innovation Forum Insights: There is Hope for the Construction Industry

In one industry after another, cost of production keeps going down, thanks to new technology. Yet, there is one notable exception: the construction industry.

Many Companies Don´t See the Opportunities of Digitalization

As digitalization paves the way for completely new business models and innovations, many traditional companies are struggling to keep up with the pace of change. Leif Östling, Chairman of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise and former CEO of Scania, discussed…

Why it’s All About Avocado Toast

“It’s all about breaking assumptions. The change is already here and it’s what’s driving innovation and new strategies.”

How to let Disruption Drive the Circular Economy

"In the light of all the things that will change, one of the most important questions we can ask ourselves today is: ‘OK, what’s not going to change in 10 years?"

Changes in Aerospace Development Process Trends

Working in Teams In addition to knowledge management, collaboration is another key aspect of today’s engineering world. Due to the aforementioned more complex and diverse engineering projects, the classic waterfall type of information flow is inadequate to successfully complete design…

Does the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform beat BREXIT?

UK Intelligent Engineering Forum

5 to Follow – Important Trends in Engineering

The engineering world is an ever changing environment with new developments influencing key decisions and practices. Here are five important trends that your engineering business needs to know about today. Industry 4.0 Hundreds of years ago, almost all industrialized nations went…

Invisible Governance – The Demise of Meetings?

Diaries of Managers; whether that be people, processes or projects are often clogged with back-to-back meetings.  In fact, if you came from another planet you might surmise the Manager’s purpose for living, their ‘raison d'être’ is to attend meetings.

Let your machines do the talking!

The Spiral of Knowledge These days, sharing information and knowledge is easier than ever before. Knowledge can be pooled together and made available to everyone on Wikipedia, a diverse range of blogs, social media and internal corporate wikis. These new…

Design in the Age of Experience – The Event

A Good Way to Stay up to Date Technology is an increasingly popular subject nowadays. It is advancing at such a pace that it is becoming more and more difficult to keep pace with its development throughout numerous fields. Besides…

How to Boost the Construction Industry

Digitalization, product design, lean processes, and high tech systems are transforming aviation, apparel, life science, and other industries at a fast pace, but one sector is lagging notably behind - Construction.

Disruptive Technologies: Paradigm Shift in Engineering

Coming up with intelligent engineering strategies in partnership

Do you master these 3 key business trends?

Being aware of market trends and the potential impact of them on your business is crucial when developing a winning strategy. To find out what key trends Dassault Systèmes is recognizing on the market, and how the 3DEXPERIENCE platform can…

Digitalizing the Construction Industry

Ask a construction company today whether they are using lean production methods, and many of them will say yes. But chances are that their definition of “lean” doesn’t have much in common with what the manufacturing industry is doing.

How Digitalization Will Change the Construction Industry

The construction industry, although innovative and professional, has a history of delays and over-budget projects. However, its reputation for being inefficient may be changing thanks to digitalization. 

CadMakers use 3DEXPERIENCE to help bring sophisticated simulation to the construction industry

It's no secret that the construction industry has struggled to keep up when it comes to adapting new technologies like 3D modelling and simulation. The innovative team behind CadMakers Virtual Construction have found a solution to that problem – by…

What if Tesla Started to Build Houses?

Imagine if companies such as Tesla went into the construction industry, how would they change the way you build houses and infrastructure?

Knowledge integration key to thriving in a world of increased specialisation

Knowledge only becomes useful if a company or organisation can find a way of effectively applying it to drive their mission forward. That is why knowledge integration – the ability to process and utilise the information and ideas that are…

CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE and Trends in Design and Manufacturing (Part 2 of 2)

An Interview with Frédéric Martin

Master These 5 Challenges of Industry 4.0 to Transform Your Business

Investment in digitalization, also known as industry 4.0, is crucial for companies with growth ambitions in today’s tough business climate. When digitalization becomes one of the top priorities for a company, it will most probably also become one of the…

Lasting Customer Loyalty Thanks to Outstanding Added Value

ProductInUse is the first solution for a proactive, fact-based partnership between customer and manufacturer. By providing specific information, production output can continuously be increased and maintenance costs can be reduced.

Read PLM Magazine Retail Edition online!

PLM Magazine is a series of inspirational reading for people with an interest in PLM, CAD and IoT. This is a special edition for the retail industry.

How to Improve Your Product by Keeping Track of Your Technical Debt

Technical Debt is a whole new way of looking at product quality and making it more manageable.

Read PLM Magazine 2016 online!

PLM Magazine 2016 is here! With 36 pages filled with PLM, CAD and IoT inspiration, this issue is our most extensive magazine ever. In this issue: learn how Ford uses CAVA to accelerate their product development how Husqvarna works with…

Reliable 3D Data for the 3D Enterprise

3D is becoming available everywhere in the company. Purchasers see in 3D what they buy, mobile devices provide assembling animations on the shop floor and customers select spare parts from 3D catalogs, where they can spin and view 3D data…

Make the virtual factory a reality

Faster product development, greater customer satisfaction and more efficient production. With modern PLM systems, the industry can now start tapping into the unlimited potential of a truly digital organization.

Custom designed applications take PLM software to a new level

Leading PLM software like CATIA and ENOVIA come packed with a host of standard features that meet the biggest needs of most businesses. But every company has its own unique processes, and sometimes customized solutions can help further boost productivity…

Make Your Designer Dreams Reality with Simulation

One of the toughest challenges a designer faces is to quickly determine whether an idea is viable or not. This is where a reliable simulation analysis tool can come in and save the day in a multitude of ways. If…

The Right Tools for the Right Retail Process

For retail chains, the process of introducing a new product in stores can be overwhelming without the right tools. Finding an exciting product to sell is the easy part; navigating every step that’s necessary between ordering an item and getting…

Time to speed up! – Services kill the way you think about your products

To me, Toyota Land Cruiser is the best car mankind has ever built, and will ever build. Their manufacturing process has the magic touch of Taiichi Ohno himself. But unfortunately, even the best cars need service and spare parts.

Getting Control over Your Quality Control

Every company must be able to vouch for the quality of the products they sell. But for large retail chains, staying up to date with changing regulations and standards for a broad range of products is a complex and time-consuming…

The Quest for Customer Loyalty

One of the biggest challenges for a machine manufacturer is to maintain a strong customer relationship even after a warranty expires. But in this new era of digitalization, suppliers can use modern solutions to offer continued support that will boost the…

Petra Sundström, Husqvarna: With IoT, don’t adopt a strategy of wait and see

"IoT is a technology that will completely transform our industry." This bold prediction was made by Petra Sundström, Senior Project Manager of the Internet of Things project of the Husqvarna Group, an international leader in construction, forestry, consumer gardening as…

How PLM Changed the Charter Travel Business

Jessica Enbacka, Information Technology Director at the charter travel company TUI Nordic, said that PLM has enabled her company to personalize travel products down to minute details and made it easier to create new products.

Jula: “We want to drive faster”- PLM as a Tool for Expansion

Jula, a multi-billion kronor Swedish do-it-yourself retailer, was so bogged down in complicated documentation procedures that they were hindering company growth.  The company has almost 14,000 products and thousands of specific product details for different countries. It was becoming exceedingly…

6 ways to build a better workflow

Workflow. This is a term used by every person in every level of decision making across your company.

Futurist & Entrepreneur Nicklas Bergman: Why you need to dream BIG

Some of the world’s greatest innovations saw the light of the day because someone else was brave enough to dream big and make a mistake first. Nicklas Bergman, an angel investor, tech philosopher and author knows why it’s important to…

Peter kills the IT-stereotype

Meet Peter, an enthusiastic traveler and a skilled Product Developer at TECHNIA (previously TechniaTranscat). Before starting at TECHNIA, he went to Singapore to work within the mobile field, which resonates well with his wanderlust and interest in technology.

Www, search, e-commerce, social, and now – Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) can be qualified as the “internet of usage”. It comes as the 5th wave of the internet. Starting with an internet of protocol, the first wave was made to connect PC to PC. Then came the…

A Hybrid PLM Experience for the Apparel and Footwear Industry

Footwear brands are now rethinking their PLM strategy and looking for a hybrid solution to lower the cost of ownership and a single source of truth to cater the needs of two divergent user communities under a single brand.

The Easy Way to ENOVIA Collaboration

Do most of your conversations happen in your email inbox? Wouldn’t it be better to easy and fast discuss products directly in your ENOVIA application with your colleagues?

Why Consider a Generic BOM?

Are you struggling in your company with keeping on top of all variant specific BOM´s, keeping track of design changes of your product variants and making sure your product variants contain the specified parts?

The Google Way to Increased Innovation – an Interview with Annika Steiber

Innovation experts love to make lists of the world’s most innovative companies, and we love to read them. But what really makes a company innovative? We recently had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Annika Steiber, who is one of the few researchers who…

Retail PLM – Challenges and Opportunities

Retail companies are striving to keep the modern and sophisticated consumer happy and loyal. The industry climate is complex where the consumer is acting in multiple channels and needs to be continuously stimulated. Specifically, retail businesses have to ensure that…