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This has long been regarded a disruptive technology for large organisations and whilst that may have been the case over the last 20+ years, more recent developments have started to change that reality. Whereas it was once the norm to carry out mass customisation to meet a business requirement, this can now be achieved with an array of industry solutions and out-of-the-box functionality. Product complexity is defined by it’s design, intended use or manufacturing process and not by the size of company that brings it to market. The same goes for services that can associated with it.

SME’s were often constrained by departmental offerings for applications like CAD and document management with point solutions, or worse, and spreadsheets to carry out more specialised tasks. In some cases tools were geographically specific, which maybe fine for serving local markets, but in globally connected projects propriety solutions can be painfully limited.

So What’s Changed?

Today the PLM technology players have made significant investments in acquiring best of breed tools and present them as an integrated suite that takes PLM beyond its traditional home of engineering, enabling it to achieve its true potential across the enterprise – from idea to retirement. This means that a SME now has access to the same functionally rich set of tools for an integrated digital transformation of its entire business, as the world class company on which it might model itself or take inspiration from.

Business leaders should now be asking: How do I start? When can I start?

Enter the Platform

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform, from Dassault Systèmes, allows enterprise functions to come together on a business platform specifically developed for companies that make products. Ideas driven by customers and insight, the markets served and employees are captured, designed, refined and simulated into virtual products that are then digitally industrialised for production. An integrated production is then planned, the supply chain engaged and the digital factory optimised – all on one platform.

Question: Too much for me? Answer: No longer.

Those that master digital transformation also realise that this a very broad scope, so the inflection of the question changes subtly to: Where do I start?

The starting point for any digital transformation project is to undertake a thorough, documented review of the business. This will highlight the inefficiencies and cost of the current working practices and where digital transformation can add value through more intelligent engineering. This exercise is used to capture and set baselines for key performance indicators which will be used by management to monitor the company going forward. Transformation is about change and a deliverable from the review will be the mapping of existing ways of working into the To Be state.

Established business or start-up? It makes no difference. The approach we take at TECHNIA to deploying a customer’s business onto the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is the same. What set’s the two type of company apart is heritage and legacy. Companies want to grow and be successful. Some are global from day one – design in the UK with production in a different country or continent. Others start serving a local market then attract international customers and develop a global supply chain.

On-Cloud or On-Premise?

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform behaves the same on both infrastructures, so it really comes down to company strategy and preference. Businesses want to reduce their reliance on customised solutions to lower IT costs and use more out of the box applications. Applications that deliver with optimised world class processes. On Cloud has the added benefit of reduced infrastructure ownership and a pay-as-go model. Modules to support ITAR and IP security are there to protect international trading and collaboration.

At TECHNIA, we have customers both On-Cloud and On-Premise. On Cloud perhaps favours the start-up initially because it has no legacy. However sometimes the best way to start the transformation is a back to basics and stripped down approach. Use the out-of-the-box functionality. Review performance and then decide if customisation is really required. Tools are available to import legacy data and this forms part of the transformation.

The new “Power’ By” capability for manipulating CATIA V5 and SolidWorks geometry in 3DEXPERIENCE will be demonstrated LIVE in the morning plenary session of the UK Intelligent Engineering Forum (UKIEF) and is not to be missed.

Understanding the Financial Benefit of Digital Transformation

The theme of this year’s UK Intelligent Engineering Forum on the 25th April 2018 is Mastering Digital Transformation. During the afternoon, we will be running a workshop for business leaders looking to understand the financial and competitive advantage a platform, like 3DEXPERIENCE, can deliver as part of a Digital Transformation strategy. This session, entitled Delivering Business Value and ROI, will be hosted by myself and Anna Lljedahl, a PLM business practitioner from InfuseIT, another Addnode group company.

As part of the agenda we will be discussing “What is Digital Transformation” and it’s potential for your business, making the financial justification and the Business Value Assessment process, planning for the journey and how TECHNIA can guide you through it. This is intended to be an interactive experience, with opportunities to share and learn from other delegate’s experiences and expert practitioners so bring your questions and we will give you some things to think about.

Digital Transformation may be new terminology for you but by the end of the session you will come away with a good understanding of what it is all about and how to make a start or continue the process. If you want to find out more about Mastering Digital Transformation then click Register and book your place today.

To start your journey to Mastering Digital Transformation, join TECHNIA and Partners at the UK Intelligent Engineering Forum

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