We are committed in helping our customers and others resolve issues which they are experiencing. We are also committed in sharing our knowledge to the wider Dassault Systèmes (DS) user base. One particular issue I had faced with a customer recently was CATIA V5 abending (crashing) when using the Assembly DMU Sectioning tool.

Assembly DMU Section Causing CATIA V5 to Abend (Crash)

The customer themselves had the latest CAD workstation (as of the date this blog has been posted), certified DS CAD workstation using the certified graphics driver level (read our blog post on certified graphics driver levels for more information). The issue seemed to stem from using new hardware/software drivers alongside older releases of CATIA V5.

One work around discovered, sacrificing a feature of the DMU Sectioning Tool, was to turn of the “Section Fill” option. This option can be turned on and off via CATIA V5 in Tools > Options > Mechanical Design > Assembly Design > DMU Sectioning.

Assembly DMU Section Causing CATIA V5 to Abend (Crash)

Having turned this setting off, the customer was now able to continue to use DMU Sectioning without having CATIA V5 abend.

Remember, if you are experiencing other issues with your CATIA V5 application, have you tried clearing your CATSettings directory? Read another of our blog posts for more information please visit: Having Problems with your CATIA V5 Applications?